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The two types of SpellStones from Star Fox Adventures

The SpellStones are a set of four objects that appear in Star Fox Adventures. They were used and created by the Krazoa to stabilize the energy of Dinosaur Planet when placed in their slots in the Force Point Temple. Prior to the game's events, General Scales stole the four SpellStones, which caused four areas of Dinosaur Planet to break off. This was the main reason that Fox was given the mission to save Dinosaur Planet. When taken to a SpellStone Seal, the SpellStone magically locks itself in place. Two of the SpellStones are red and must be returned to the Volcano Force Point Temple. The two other SpellStones are blue, and Fox must return them to the Ocean Force Point Temple.

After Fox collects all four SpellStones, he realizes that Dinosaur Planet is still in danger because he still has to collect every Krazoa Spirit to restore the planet.


The first SpellStone in the Volcano Force Point Temple

The first of the SpellStones that Fox had to obtain was in the DarkIce Mines, where a large creature named Galdon ingested it. Fox made his way into the belly of the beast and retrieved the first SpellStone, which he then took to the Volcano Force Point Temple.

The second SpellStone was underneath the CloudRunner Fortress, which and was held by a group of SharpClaw on vehicles. Fox has to chase after and crash the SharpClaw to obtain the SpellStone, which has to be taken to the Ocean Force Point Temple.

The third SpellStone is within the Walled City, where the King EarthWalker is held hostage. The city is overrun by the RedEye Tribe. Fox made his way to the chambers of the Walled City and fought the King RedEye, who was guarding the third SpellStone, and take it to the Volcano Force Point Temple.

The last SpellStone is on Dragon Rock. Fox had to free the dinosaurs that are imprisoned and storm the enemy base, after which Drakor attacked. On small flying platform, Fox gave chase to Drakor and defeated it, whereupon it relinquished the fourth and final SpellStone, and Fox took it to the Ocean Force Point Temple.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Pierre Magique Magic stone
Spanish Runa Rune


  • According to the King EarthWalker, the SpellStones do not have the ability to reunite Dinosaur Planet's tribes.
  • Originally, the roles of the SpellStones and the Krazoa Spirits were switched. The Krazoa Spirits alone were used to put Dinosaur Planet back together, and the SpellStones would have been used to free Krystal.[You need to reference that, Fox]

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