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Peeper Adventures.png
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location SnowHorn Wastes
Weakness(es) Fire Blaster
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A Peeper attacking Fox.

Peepers[1] are enemies who hide within some trees and rocky structures of SnowHorn Wastes in Star Fox Adventures. Peepers can be identified from their light green, glowing eyes peeking out from its peephole. The rest of their body is never shown.

Peepers attack by showing their eyes very briefly and then shoot a few green projectiles out of their peephole at Fox. Peepers can only be defeat via the Fire Blaster.

In the path behind the blue SnowHorn, a few Peepers are hiding in small tree trunks. Fox is required to defeat the first Peeper in the path, as this causes the tree to fall over and bridge a gap above a river.


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