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Bridge Cog

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Fox returns a Bridge Cog on a bridge extender
"This is a Bridge Cog. If you find the machine that it fits, then you'll be able to open a new route."
— In-game description

Bridge Cogs are cogs that extend bridges in Star Fox Adventures. There are four of them, and they all are found in DarkIce Mines.

Fox obtains the first one from an enslaved SnowHorn he frees using the Shackle Key. The SnowHorn tells Fox she found it while she was working, and because she thought it was important, she hid it from the SharpClaw. This Bridge Cog is used on a machine on a platform by the waterline at the other end of the river a little further down the road from where Fox frees the SnowHorn. After placing the Cog, Fox has to pull a lever to make a bridge extend to the other side of the river.

After breaking through the main gate, with the help of the Flame Command teaching SnowHorn, stumbles into the second machine, which requires three Cogs to work. After utilizing the nearby Rocket Boost Pad, Fox shortly gains control of a SharpClaw Cannon, which he must use to wipe out the five SharpClaws to open the Life-Force Door below the Cannon. After doing this, Fox finds the second Bridge Cog in the cave which the Life Force Door was blocking.

The third Cog lies in the building that five SharpClaw came out from.

To open the path to the last Bridge Cog Fox must blow up a small barricade blocking another cave entrance with the SharpClaw Cannon. Fox must make Tricky make use of his Flame Command to melt the ice blocking the cave where the final Cog is. After finding all the Cogs Fox must place them in the machine in the cave with the Boost Pad to make the second bridge extend. This bridge leads to a cave containing the Dinosaur Horn.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Rouage de Pont
Spanish Engranaje del Puente


  • Curiously, while depicted identical in the C-Stick Inventory, the Cogs are of different sizes when Fox places them in the machine. Fox can also place any Cog in any slot in the machine.