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DarkIce Mines

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DarkIce Mines
DarkIce Mines outside.png
Fox in the outside region of DarkIce Mines.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Inhabitant(s) SnowHorn Tribe
Planet Dinosaur Planet
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DarkIce Mines is one of the four uprooted areas from Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. It is where the first SpellStone is located, and Garunda Te's daughter, Belina Te.

General Scales having SnowHorns as slaves in the cold area. The SnowHorns have been decimated and crudely beaten by Scales and his armies after being forced to labor in the Mines. Among the boiling temperatures and hazardous working conditions, many have been imprisoned and abused to have both weakened their bodies and their once strong courage. Galdon looms within the bowels of the Mine, serving as a warning to any SnowHorns who dare defy the SharpClaw grip. Hostage in their own homes, the SnowHorn are desperate for a rebutting force to liberate them of the SharpClaw-mechanized caverns they once used for benevolent purposes.


DarkIce Mines is a snowy, wasteland and mine area. Many SnowHorns was held hostage by General Scales and SharpClaw Tribe, however they have no chance of rescuing each other their plan was futile. General Scales has the SpellStone guarded by Galdon.


Fox and Tricky has arrived on DarkIce Mines to help out Snowhorn Tribe by freeing them. Meanwhile, one SnowHorn was attacked by SharpClaw but saved by Fox and Tricky. ShowHorn wants them to give him two Alpine Roots to heal himself up. After SnowHorn has eaten Alpine Roots, he allows Fox to get on his back to smash the gates. SharpClaw Tribe was found by Fox, Tricky and SnowHorn, suddenly one SharpClaw attempts to kill Fox with the cannon but he makes his way to the cannon to defeat the SharpClaw. Fox uses the cannon to defeat every one of SharpClaw Tribe members to claim an cog. Fox and Tricky claims the Dinosaur Horn from the cave and discover the method to call the SnowHorn by blowing the horn. In the blizzard, Fox and Tricky waiting in the cold and then they call SnowHorn by blowing the horn but SnowHorn came out of nowhere from the blizzard. Fox rides the SnowHorn in the blizzard and guides him to eat the roots but Tricky ran off and eventually get captured by SharpClaw Tribe. Fox can finds a bike to reach the mine. Fox makes his way to the mine and rescues Tricky and Belina out of their prison cells. Belina breaks free to make a shortcut and Fox and Tricky find their way to the bottom of the mine. Belina suggests that the SpellStone was held by Galdon somewhere in the forbidden cave. Fox and Tricky attempts to evacuate the first SpellStone and Tricky uses Flame Command to melt off the ice but Galdon breaks out of the solid ice. Galdon swallows the SpellStone inside his body due to his digestion, Fox and Tricky must first attack Galdon's tail with Krystal's Staff blaster four times. Fox gets swallowed by Galdon and getting out of the SpellStone of his inner body. Galdon spits Fox out of his mouth but his chest was ripped make a shape of heart revealed his weakness. Fox fires blaster at Galdon's heart and gets swallowed by Galdon second time. Fox captures the SpellStone but Galdon spits him, Tricky and SpellStone out of his mouth leading him to take few last breaths and dies instantly. Fox wants Belina to forgive her father but she accepts the deal and Fox and Tricky leaves DarkIce Mines and take the SpellStone to the Volcano Force Point Temple.


This is the briefing Slippy Toad provides to Fox just before his attempt to open the GateKeeper's Force Field to DarkIce Mines.

"The SnowHorn Tribe is in great danger. General Scales has enslaved them to work in the DarkIce Mines. If you can locate the GateKeeper's daughter, she will be able to help you. Free the SnowHorns by finding that SpellStone! It's up to you Fox. Slippy out."