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Brain Squid

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Brain Squid
Brain Squid Adventures.png
A Brain Squid in Star Fox Adventures
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location Krazoa Palace
Some Krazoa Shrines
Ocean Force Point Temple
Weakness(es) Fire Blaster
Fuel Barrel
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Brain Squids[1] are enemies that appear in Star Fox Adventures, and are the first enemies encountered by Krystal. Brain Squids appear in locations with a Krazoa Spirit, including the Krazoa Palace, some Krazoa Shrines, and the Ocean Force Point Temple.

As its name suggests, the Brain Squid resembles a squid and has a large, yellow brain on its head. It emits a constant purplish light and stays afloat while moving in a pattern.

If Fox or Krystal approach a Brain Squid, it spins its tentacles and slowly moves toward them. Brain Squids can be defeated by throwing a Fuel Barrel or Basket at them. Fox has two additional methods for defeating a Brain Squid: by striking it once with the Staff or a single use of Fire Blaster. Most Brain Squids respawn after a while, except for ones that must be defeated to open a Life-Force Door.