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General Scales

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General Scales
General Scales.jpg
Artwork in Star Fox Adventures
Home Planet Sauria
Role Ruler of the SharpClaw tribe (formerly)
Premiere game Star Fox Adventures
Affiliations SharpClaw tribe
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"General Scales! Ruler, tyrant, and dictator of Dinosaur Planet. What brings you to my world?"
— General Scales, Star Fox Adventures

General Scales is the main villain of Star Fox Adventures and leader of the SharpClaw tribe. He is a power-hungry dinosaur who desires to overthrow Dinosaur Planet with his army of SharpClaws. He is voiced by John Silke, and like most characters, he has an English accent.


General Scales is significantly bigger and stronger than many other characters. His appearance is different from the average SharpClaw, which suggests the species have different classes. His eye color is a deep red because it is the vessel of a Krazoa Spirit. General Scales usually wears a tribal set of armor and a viking hat, but during his interrupted fight with Fox. He wears a belt, which allows him to teleport between locations.


The first appearance of General Scales.

General Scales always desired to elevate his tribe to ruling status like the EarthWalkers and the CloudRunners. Scales was denied this position due to his greed, and he attempted several times to take control of Dinosaur Planet, but he failed every time.

General Scales was eventually empowered by an unknown entity. With this power, General Scales stole the four SpellStones from their respective location, and this caused their locations to break off from Dinosaur Planet and orbit around it. Scales enslaved the SnowHorn Tribe on DarkIce Mines, took over CloudRunner Fortress, revived the RedEyes in Walled City, and produced mutant dinosaurs at Dragon Rock.

Scales invaded the Krazoa Palace and his SharpClaw army defeated the EarthWalker guard. General Scales found and unleashed the six guarded Krazoa Spirits, one of which he absorbed himself.

Scales first appears on his personal airship, General Scales' Galleon, where Krystal is confronted by him. He opens cabin doors, runs through the fire, and introduces himself. After some conversation, General Scales picks up Krystal and throws her overboard, regarding himself as too powerful to defeat. Krystal is rescued by her CloudRunner friend and they fly away. From his galleon, General Scales shouts that things are not over.

General Scales interrogates the Queen EarthWalker.

As Fox makes his way through CloudRunner Fortress, General Scales grabs the Queen CloudRunner, interrogating her over Fox's whereabouts. the Queen CloudRunner tells him that Fox will defeat him, and Scales beats her. Fox arrives shortly afterward, only to be imprisoned by General Scales, who also stole the staff from him. Later on, General Scales manages to enter the treasure room with the SpellStone, which Fox intercepted just before he could obtain it. General Scales then teleports out of the area.

Fox's final confrontation with General Scales occurs at Krazoa Palace, where they are about to fight each other. Just as Fox draws out his Staff, a mysterious voice immediately stops them from fighting. The voice (later revealed to be Andross) tells General Scales that he was just a pawn for him to regain power, and demands him to give the sixth and final SpellStone to Fox. The mysterious character zaps General Scales to death.

Later, after Fox defeats the final boss, Andross, the SharpClaw are shown celebrating, and one holds up Scales' belt. This suggests the SharpClaw were unhappy from being under General Scales's reign.


General Scales has a considerable amount of physical strength, as he can pick up other characters with ease, such as Krystal and the Queen CloudRunner. He can use his body as a container for Krazoa Spirits, even though it is said that they are only obtainable by the pure of heart.

Scales has a belt with a hidden button that makes him invisible. General Scales is immune to fire, as he walked through the flames on the galleon unaffected. General Scales possibly shares traits with a lizard, as just before Fox's battle against Andross, Scales nearly landed on Fox after falling from the ceiling. General Scales' weaponry includes a large, double-bladed hook attached to his left arm and a large, golden sword wielded in his right hand.


Aside from having a lust for power, General Scales acts hostile to others, including his own troops. General Scales once used a SharpClaw as a shield when Fox blasted at him, and then threw the SharpClaw back at him. In another instance, the Queen CloudRunner refused to tell him where Fox is, so General Scales angrily hit two of his SharpClaw solders and destroyed one of his security robots. Right before Scales releases his Krazoa Spirit, his SharpClaw guards cowered in fear, which suggests their fear of Scales lashing out at them. As shown with the SnowHorn Tribe, Scales appears to enslave other tribes to work under his brutal regime.

In his first confrontation with Krystal, he claims to not be evil and that he acts for the benefit of Dinosaur Planet. He quickly abandons this statement and throws Krystal off the SharpClaw Galleon. Like a stereotypical dictator, General Scales blatantly displays his arrogance, which is exemplified from his quote, "Nobody can defeat General Scales!".


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スケール将軍
Sukēru Shougun


  • When Fox takes the Test of Fear to obtain the fifth Krazoa Spirit, the final fear he faces is an invisible, enlarged version of General Scales.
  • The relationship between General Scales and Andross in Star Fox Adventures is often compared to the relationship between Zant and Ganondorf in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This is because both Zant and Scales make their premiere in their respective games and are pawns of Ganondorf and Andross who use them to regain their physical bodies.
  • The scene where Scales threatens Queen CloudRunner was a homage to the opening scene of Star Wars IV: A New Hope.[1]
  • A boss fight against General Scales was planned, but was ultimately cut due to time constraints. Fox would have also been assisted by Falco during the battle. He was the only primary antagonist of the cancelled Nintendo 64 title, Dinosaur Planet.[2]
  • Even though General Scales served under Andross, he seemed to be unaware of Andross's voice, who ordered him to relinquish the final Krazoa Spirit to Fox.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, General Scales is mentioned in Prince Tricky's trophy.