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CloudRunner Tribe

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CloudRunner Tribe
CloudRunner Tribe.jpg
The CloudRunner Tribe in Star Fox Adventures.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location(s) CloudRunner Fortress
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This article is about the tribe of dinosaurs. For the vehicle of the same name, see Cloud Runner.

The CloudRunner Tribe are one of the two ruling tribes of Dinosaur Plant, along with the EarthWalkers, in Star Fox Adventures. They are based on the prehistoric flying creatures named pteranodons.

The CloudRunners live in the CloudRunner Fortress, and are ruled by the Queen CloudRunner. The tribe does not appear to have their own king, which suggests it being a matriarchal society. The Queen CloudRunner has four children, the Baby CloudRunners, who are also members of the CloudRunner Tribe.

The EarthWalker and CloudRunner Tribes do not get along, which was revealed when Prince Tricky refused to visit CloudRunner Fortress. The CloudRunners have a good relationship with the BoneHead Tribe because their civilization's chief engineer, Gradabug, comes from that tribe.


Star Fox Adventures

At the very start, the first CloudRunner flew Krystal to the SharpClaw Galleon, and would later rescue her after General Scales threw her off-board. The CloudRunner then flew her to Krazoa Palace. On SharpClaw Galleon, there is also a small CloudRunner locked in a cage, and it briefly teaches Krystal to communicate with other characters using the A button.

During the game's events, General Scales tried to conquer CloudRunner Fortress and convert it into a personal base. He imprisoned the Queen CloudRunner twice, and Fox must rescue her both times. Later, in LightFoot Village, a CloudRunner assisted Fox after the LightFoot Tribe took him in as prisoner. Chief LightFoot refers to the species as "birds".

Star Fox: Assault

In Star Fox: Assault, when questioned about the absence of the CloudRunners from Sauria during the Aparoid Invasion, Peppy Hare mentions that the tribe is extremely proud, implying that they stood and fought rather than take refuge, and suffered heavy casualties.

Star Fox Command

In Star Fox Command, Krystal's personal Arwing, the Cloud Runner, was named after this tribe.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クラウド族
Cloud Tribe

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