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LightFoot Village

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LightFoot Village
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Inhabitant(s) LightFoot Tribe
Planet Sauria
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LightFoot Village is a location on planet Sauria in Star Fox Adventures.

Home to the aggressive and spiritual LightFoot Tribe, the village is separated from the rest of Sauria by a tall gray brick wall. The village is only accessable through a small iron gate that can only be raised using a secret combination of hits given to three specific trees outside the village. LightFoot Village is a swampy land, built over a lake with a large, earth covered chamber in the center. The houses the tribe live in are built on large stilts over the lake, the LightFoot Chief's hut being the only part built at a lower height than the others.


Fox McCloud first entered the village when he was set up, ambushed and knocked out by the LightFoot tribe after trying to help a baby LightFoot. When he woke up, Fox found himself tied to a totem pole and was interrogated by Chief LightFoot. This was due to an earlier incident where Fox rescued a LightFoot tribe member from being beaten up by a SharpClaw in Cape Claw after the LightFoot had stolen a Fire Gem. The LightFoot threw the gem to Fox and swam away after a SharpClaw on the otherside of the bay saw what was going on and started to fire a canon at them. Fox was accused of being a thief and the LightFoot Fox had saved was calling for him to be killed. At this, the tribe members began to move toward him with the intention of stabbing them with their spears. A CloudRunner who had been watching the events unfolding came to save Fox by shooting flames at the attacking LightFoots. The Chief eventually pleaded with Fox to stop the CloudRunner, after which, Fox was released.

On his second encounter with the Chief and after the Chief realised Fox was actually on their side, he is told of a chamber under the village that was supposedly built by the Krazoa. In order to access the third Krazoa Shrine, he has to pass two tests set by the tribe. The Tracking Test and the Test of Strength.

The Tracking Test

Locations of the Totem Poles around LightFoot Village.

The first of the two tests require Fox to search the village and activate four totem polls quicker than a time set by MuscleFoot of two minutes, thirty seconds. Fox can activate the totem poles in any order bit if Fox fails to do so before the time runs out, he must restart the test.

  1. The first totem pole is located next to the Chief's hut. Fox must climb a ladder and run across a bridge in order to reach it.
  2. The second requires Fox to swim across the lake, use Tricky's flame command to burn through a thorn bush blocking the way and boost up to a ledge.
  3. The third is located nearby. Fox has to head back the way he came but keep to the same side of the lake where he will find some stepping stones to jump onto.
  4. The final totem pole, located in the south-east part of the village, requires Fox to swim across a large portion of the lake whilst avoiding whirlpools. Once across and onto a small island, he has to climb a tall tower.

After completing the test successfully, Fox returns to the Chief's hut where the Chief congratulates Fox.

The Test of Strength

The LightFoot Test of Strength with Fox (left) pushing against MuscleFoot (right).

In this test, Fox McCloud goes head to head with MuscleFoot, the village's strongest LightFoot.

The competitors stand on either side of a wooden totem pole paddle and use it to push against each other in a modified tug of war. The goal is for one participant to push the other around into a pit located behind them almost 90 degrees from where they start. The competitor who is pushed into the pit loses.

Underground Chamber

Once Fox completes both LightFoot tests successfully, the Chief declares him an honourary member of the LightFoot tribe. This allows him to enter the underground chamber in the centre of the village. Once inside, in order to raise another gate that leads to a warp room to the Krazoa Shrine, Fox must activate a totem pole that is in the centre of the room. He does so by standing on a pressure pad and this starts rotating several sections on the totem pole. Using the staff, Fox must shoot at the totem pole section when the pattern on the side matches up with the one below it.

When Fox successfully stops each section and matches the pattern, the gate opens and Fox can then take the Test of Fear.


  • As a sidequest after he becomes a member of the tribe, Fox can help several LightFoot mothers find their lost babies who are scattered all around the village. After successfully finding and returning all of the babies, this allows Fox to use the staff rocket boost to access an area with a Cheat Token well.