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Firebats Adventures.png
Two Firebats in the path back to ThornTail Hollow
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location Path connecting SnowHorn Wastes and ThornTail Hollow
Volcano Force Point Temple
Weakness(es) Ice Blast
Similar Bat
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Firebats[1] are a variant of Bats who are engulfed in flames in Star Fox Adventures. Firebats behave the same as their normal counterpart except that they are being engulfed in flames. If they touch Fox, he becomes briefly engulfed in flames as well. Firebats first appear in the path connecting SnowHorn Wastes and ThornTail Hollow, but are most often featured in fiery, subterranean locations such as the Volcano Force Point Temple.

Fox can only defeat Firebats by using Ice Blast, or otherwise avoid them.


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