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Super Ground Quake

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Fox attacking a RedEye with Super Ground Quake.

Super Ground Quake is the final Staff Upgrade in Star Fox Adventures, obtainable from the Magic Cave of Walled City. It is a more powerful variant of the original Ground Quake, and supersedes it in the C-Stick Inventory when obtained (although it still remains recorded in General Pepper's report).

The Super Ground Quake is essential for defeating the RedEyes, because an ordinary Ground Quake attack is not powerful enough to defeat them. When Fox uses the Super Ground Quake, it creates a large orange shockwave on the ground. Fox is also floating in midair a bit longer before releasing his Super Ground Quake attack. The Super Ground Quake uses up nearly half of the third Staff Energy Meter upgrade.

Despite being more powerful than the original Ground Quake, the Super Ground Quake is about as effective at defeating Kalda Choms.