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Ice Mountain

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Ice Mountain
Ice Mountain Adventures.png
Fox entering Ice Mountain.
Planet Dinosaur Planet
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The Ice Mountain is a location present in Star Fox Adventures. It is only reachable after Fox has given WarpStone the Rock Candy, which will lead to him being able to take Fox to three different areas, with one of them being the Ice Mountain.

The Ice Mountain is a pretty small area and as the name implies it's a mountain covered in ice and snow. Its main purpose is simply being the place where Fox's first encounter with Tricky occurres, while the first time they really interact with each other is at SnowHorn Wastes. An occasional obstacle which Fox stumbles across here is the SharpClaw Cannon. Fox is also able to plant a Bomb Spore Plant nearby the cannon to find a well which contains one of eight Cheat Tokens.

When Fox enters the area, a flying aircraft sends Tricky down where he gets mistreated by two SharpClaws, he is later taken to a cave which gets obstructed by an impenetrable metal door. Fox has to break a wall consisting of several SharpClaw Crates with a Fuel Barrel, which will make him able to reach two SharpClaws who must be defeated in order to proceed. Once they've been defeated a Fire Blaster Switch will appear, when it has been activated Fox is able to reach the cave where Tricky has been taken. After a cutscene where Fox through speech tries to free Tricky, Tricky manages to flee; which leads to a race between the two SharpClaws and Fox. The purpose of the race is to defeat the SharpClaws by bashing into them with the SharpClaw Racer before the course ends. If Fox successes, he will after a cutscene appear in SnowHorn Wastes.