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Alpine Root

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Alpine Root
Alpine Root.png
In-game render of an Alpine Root.
Games Star Fox Adventures
Usage Must be fed to two different SnowHorns
Location(s) SnowHorn Wastes
DarkIce Mines
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Alpine Roots are large root plants and a food source for SnowHorns in Star Fox Adventures. They grow from the ground in both SnowHorn Wastes and DarkIce Mines. However, the SnowHorns are incapable of digging out Alpine Roots by themselves, but Tricky can unearth them with the Find Command.


Alpine Roots are large, beetroot-shaped yellow plants with dark, horizontal stripes running along their surface. They have two leaves on top, which indicates their location when buried underground.


Alpine Roots first appear at the very start of SnowHorn Wastes, around the and Fox must feed them to a SnowHorn, who otherwise refuses talking to them from being hungry. Each Alpine Root is located under a dirt patch near the walls of the area. Fox can only feed each Alpine Root individually. By feeding the first Alpine Root to the SnowHorn, he rewards Fox with a Medium Scarab Bag. By feeding him the second Alpine Root, the SnowHorn stomps on the ground, which causes the nearby geyser to stop and the ice block to fall onto the ground.

Later, in DarkIce Mines, Fox must feed another two Alpine Roots to a SnowHorn after rescuing him from two SharpClaws. When Fox feeds him the Alpine Roots, the SnowHorn allows Fox to ride on him.

After acquiring the Dinosaur Horn, Fox can use it from a Horn Pad to summon a SnowHorn and ride it through an area struck by a blizzard. There are numerous Alpine Roots appearing on the trail, which the SnowHorn must eat to keep its energy while going through the blizzard.