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Scarab Bag

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Scarab Bags are items that appear in Star Fox Adventures. They increase the maximum number of Scarabs that Fox can carry. Prior to obtaining one of these bags, Fox can only carry ten Scarabs at a time.


  • Small Scarab Bag: Enables Fox to hold up to 50 Scarabs at a time. Obtained from a SnowHorn in Ice Mountain after feeding him an Alpine Root. This area is also the place Tricky learns the Call Command.
  • Medium Scarab Bag: Allows Fox to carry a maximum of 100 Scarabs at a time. Fox receives this from the Warp Stone.
  • Large Scarab Bag: Fox can have as many as 200 Scarabs at a time. This was given to Fox by one of ThornTail tribe after he saved them from attacks.

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