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In-game render for a yellow Scarab.

Scarabs are living insects who are used as currency on Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. They are based scarab beetles from the real world.


Scarabs come in three colors, each with a different value: green, red, and yellow. Green Scarabs are worth one Scarab, the red ones are worth five, and the yellow ones are worth ten. Scarabs are often located under rocks, but are sometimes found by throwing a basket. Fox can lift the rock to get them out. Some Scarabs can also found by throwing a basket.

Scarabs are primarily used to buy items at the ThornTail Store, including maps, common items, and even required items such as the FireFly Lantern. There are three instances in which Scarabs are used as a toll to access an area, the first two being BribeClaws (who ask for 25 and and the third time being a Scarab Toll.

Upon noticing Fox, Scarabs try to run away from him. The higher its value, the faster the Scarab is. Fox can obtain Scarabs by walking on them. By default, he can only carry up to ten Scarabs in value. However, Fox can progressively increase the limit by obtaining Scarab Bags; the small one carries up to 50, the medium one does up to 100, and the large one does up to 200. Some items sold at ThornTail Store can only be purchased with these bags, most notably the expensive SnowHorn Artifact, which costs 130 Scarabs.

The ThornTail Store has a room named the "Scarab Room", where Fox can gamble with his Scarabs.