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General Scales' Galleon

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General Scales' Galleon
General Scales Galleon Adventures artwork.jpg
A view of General Scales' Galleon in Star Fox Adventures.
Location Dinosaur Planet
Affiliation(s) General Scales
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General Scales' Galleon[1], often shortened to the Galleon, is the ship of General Scales in Star Fox Adventures. It is the first place visited in the game and Krystal had to battle it in order to gain access aboard. Before the battle, Krystal was surprised by the Galleon, which shot fireballs at her, making her drop her staff in the process. Flying after the Galleon on a CloudRunner and using blue energy balls as her weapon, Krystal attacked the two dinosaur head -shaped cannons of the ship, the ship's rotor, and the prow. After beating the prow, Krystal is allowed to land aboard the Galleon. Even though General Scales' Galleon shoots fireballs at Krystal, she flashes red, but does not lose any energy. Therefore, it is impossible for her to lose against the Galleon.

As she explored, she was shortly confronted by General Scales, who Krystal asked about the distress call. Scales told her about the planet being in distress and then threw her overboard, only to be saved by the CloudRunner from earlier. Krystal continued to Krazoa Palace to find the source of the distress signal.

Much later in Dragon Rock, Fox frees a CloudRunner, who mentions to him that he is the same character who flew Krystal to General Scales' Galleon.