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King EarthWalker

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King EarthWalker
King EarthWalker Adventures.png
Tricky is reunited with King EarthWalker.
Home Planet Dinosaur Planet
Role King of the EarthWalker Tribe
Premiere game Star Fox Adventures
Affiliations Fox McCloud, EarthWalker Tribe
Race EarthWalker
Family Queen EarthWalker (wife)
Prince Tricky (son)
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The King EarthWalker is the king of the EarthWalker Tribe, and he appears in Star Fox Adventures. He is the husband of the Queen EarthWalker and the father of Prince Tricky. He is located in Walled City, of which he is also the GateKeeper of. The King EarthWalker is voiced by Kevin Bayliss.


The King EarthWalker is proud of Fox and Tricky for recovering the third SpellStone

Prior to Fox and Tricky arriving at Walled City, General Scales and the RedEye Tribe waged war on the EarthWalkers, and the King EarthWalker was imprisoned. The King EarthWalker is first mentioned by Tricky when he meets Fox at the Hot Spring. When Fox got mad at Tricky, he warns him that his dad is the King EarthWalker, who will bash him up.

After acquiring the Portal Opener move, Fox must revisit the Queen EarthWalker, who mentions that the King EarthWalker has sealed his gatekeeping powers in the Portal Door behind her. By opening the Portal Door, Fox gains the ability to fly off to Walled City.

In Walled City, the King EarthWalker is imprisoned in a room below the surface. To access his room, Fox and Tricky must completed two timed mazes where Tricky must light the Sun and Moon Beacons at the end. Upon entering his room, Tricky is relieved that the King EarthWalker is fine. Fox is introduced to the King EarthWalker, who says that he is not in possession of the SpellStone. He tells Fox that the SpellStone is guarded within the RedEye King's lair, which he can only enter after retrieving both Sacred Teeth. The King EarthWalker hints that Fox's solution is in a Magic Cave, where he can acquire the Super Ground Quake upgrade.

The King EarthWalker thanking Fox for returning all four SpellStones

After defeating the RedEye King, the King EarthWalker and Tricky congratulate Fox. The King EarthWalker instructs Fox to return the SpellStone to the Volcano Force Point Temple, and the King EarthWalker also mentions that he will remain at Walled City until Fox successfully returns it.

Later on, Fox revisits Walled City in a search for the fifth Krazoa Spirit. The King EarthWalker is now standing in front of the main temple, where he greets Fox and Tricky. He thanks Fox for returning all four SpellStones, but Fox found it ineffective. The King EarthWalker briefly describes how General Scales tore Dinosaur Planet apart by removing the SpellStones, and that the Krazoa Spirits are the only thing capable of holding it together. Fox asks him where the Krazoa Spirit is located, and the King EarthWalker tells him that it can only be revealed by returning the Sun and Moon Stones to their locations.

After acquiring the fifth Krazoa Spirit, Fox returns to say good bye to Tricky, who is standing next to his father. He gives a Star Fox badge to Tricky and calls him an honorary member, to which Tricky excitedly tells his dad.

At the end of the game, General Pepper forwards the King and Queen EarthWalker's congratulations to the Star Fox team for saving Dinosaur Planet.