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Blue GrubTub Fungus

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Blue GrubTub Fungus.png

Blue GrubTub Fungi, also known as GrubTub Fungi, are collectible mushrooms that appear in Star Fox Adventures.


Blue GrubTubs are the favorite snack of the EarthWalker tribe, most notably Tricky, who relies on Fox to capture them because Tricky finds it difficult to do so himself. These items are living creatures who attempt to flee from Fox when he approaches them.

Fox can have up to 15 Blue GrubTub Fungi in his inventory. To catch a Blue GrubTub Fungus, Fox must whack it with the Staff to stun it, then walk into it, which adds it into the inventory. Blue GrubTub Fungi are also asleep in the night, which makes it easier for Fox to capture them.

These items allow Tricky to perform a Sidekick Command, and his energy meter is represented by five Blue GrubTub icons. A Blue GrubTub Fungus is depleted from Tricky's energy bar for each time that he does a command. If his energy bar runs out, Tricky is unable to perform any further commands because of his hunger. If this happens, the player must open the red inventory screen, highlight the Blue GrubTub Fungi, and press the A button when Fox faces Tricky.

Another type of GrubTub Fungi exists, the White GrubTub Fungi, which the EarthWalkers use for medicine.


Blue GrubTubs are very common as they appear in every world. Their first prominent role is in SnowHorn Wastes, which is where Fox meets Tricky. He is very hungry, and Fox must find and feed five Blue GrubTub Fungi to Tricky.

A Blue GrubTub Fungus is even for sale in the blue room of the ThornTail Store. Fox can purchase it for 12 Scarabs, but this is not required especially since they appear in most areas.