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EarthWalker Tribe

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EarthWalker Tribe
King and Queen EarthWalkers (center) and two other EarthWalkers from Star Fox Adventures.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures,
Star Fox: Assault
Location(s) Walled City
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The EarthWalker Tribe is one of the two ruling tribes of Dinosaur Planet along with the CloudRunners. The EarthWalkers reside in the Walled City.

Members of this tribe are based the Ceratopsia infraorder, or more specifically Triceratops, a group of herbivorous dinosaurs whose members are characterized by facial horns and a large neck frill.


In Star Fox Adventures, the tribe was ruled by both the King and Queen EarthWalker, who had an army that was defeated by the SharpClaws when they set out to defend Krazoa Palace. The EarthWalkers also seem to be in a disagreement with the CloudRunners as the two tribes, stating they "do not see eye-to-eye". It seems that they have a yin-yang philosophy, as is seen in the walled city, due to the sun and moon symbols.

In Star Fox: Assault, it is revealed that Tricky eventually inherited his role as the ruler of the EarthWalker Tribe.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アソーカ族
Ahsoka Tribe

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