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Character: ShopKeeper
The ShopKeeper
Name Shabunga
Home Planet Sauria
Role Shopkeeper
Premiere game Star Fox Adventures
Affiliations None
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Shabunga (according to the Nintendo Power Star Fox Adventures official player's guide), commonly referred to in game as just the ShopKeeper is a character from Star Fox Adventures. He runs the ThornTail Store, the only shop on Dinosaur Planet and subsequently the only shop in Starfox Adventures where he will trade various goods to Fox in exchange for Scarabs, the currency of Sauria. He is also the host of a gambling minigame in the Scarab Room.

Appearance and Personality

The ShopKeeper is a dinosaur of an unknown tribe, though he most closely resembles a SharpClaw. He is shown to have a tail but no legs and does not walk but instead levitates and teleports around ThornTail Store. His middle eastern styled image, shop, related music, use of magic and implied immortality make him appear similar to the djinn or genies of Arab folklore and popular culture.

The shopkeeper is very rude and short tempered, this is shown most clearly when he tells Fox to get out of ThornTail Store as part of the dialogue for speaking to him or during the haggling minigame if the player does not offer a high enough price for an item three times. As Fox explores his store the Shopkeeper can be heard complaining about various things and considering moving to Cape Claw. He is at least 200 years old, as one of the things he complains about is pushing around goods in the store for 200 years.

Some of the items within ThornTail store are stolen by the ShopKeeper himself, such as the Golden Alpine Root, which was taken from the blue SnowHorn in Snowhorn Wastes, and the Hi-Def Display Device, which originally belonged to the Star Fox team.