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Template:Infobox character

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Infobox character

Have an image of this character? Why not upload it?
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Falco Lombardi:

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Name Infobox character
Link {{Infobox character}}
Info Basic Character Info. Designed for only 5 fields at the moment. See Infoboxes for more info.




NameSee #doc_1 Description Values-Related StuffSee #doc_2
name name of the character
class css class if there is one related to your character (or group they are in)
style custom style
picture have a picture? upload it, and then post it here.
name Full name
home_planet Where in the Lylat System (or elsewhere) do they come from?
role position in the game, on their respective team, etc.
premier_game First Game the character was introduced
affiliations What groups do they associate with?
species What species or race is the character?


  1. Required Parameters are in bold, followed by explanation of usage. Italics parameters have a related behavior change, when you insert a certain value
  2. for if anything happens becuase a specific value related is not entered


{{Infobox character
|name =
|class =
|style =
|picture =
|home_planet =
|role =
|premier_game =
|affiliations =