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RedEye Tribe

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RedEye Tribe
Artwork of a RedEye
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location(s) Walled City
Affiliation King RedEye
General Scales
SharpClaw Tribe
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The RedEye Tribe is a massive, carnivorous, and vicious dinosaur tribe appearing in Star Fox Adventures. RedEyes are the main enemies whom Fox fights in Walled City, the home world of the EarthWalker Tribe which they have invaded. The RedEye Tribe is led by the RedEye King, who is also the boss of Walled City.

RedEyes are directly based on the real world Tyrannosaurus rex in appearance and behavior. Every RedEye is green-skinned and only talk by means of growling and roaring. The RedEye Tribe are the largest dinosaur tribes along with the HighTop Tribe.

Fox only encounters four RedEyes in Walled City, each standing just outside the main temple. Like other enemies, RedEyes attack Fox on sight. Due to their strength, the RedEye Tribe are invulnerable to most of Fox's attacks. He can defeat a RedEye by using Super Ground Quake on it twice. By taking its first hit, the RedEye topples over, leaving it open to a second Super Ground Quake attack. Alternatively, Fox can throw a Fuel Barrel at the RedEye while it is lying on the ground. If Fox does not attack the RedEye quickly enough, it gets back up. Fox is required to defeat every RedEye in order to disable the Life-Force Door blocking the Gold RedEye Tooth.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レッドアイ族
RedEye Tribe


  • Unused dialogue from Peppy Hare (likely an early briefing for Walled City) reveals that Walled City was built to hold the RedEye Tribe and ShadowHunters as prisoners, to prevent them from eating other dinosaurs.[1]
  • Their concept art from the cancelled Dinosaur Planet shows them with a brown-yellowish skin color.
  • The theme when battling a RedEye is shared with FireCrawlers.