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Dinosaur Planet

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Dinosaur Planet
Dinosaur Planet title screen.png
Developer Rare
Publisher N/A, assumed Nintendo
Console(s) Nintendo 64
Release date(s) Cancelled (planned for early 2001[1])
Genre Action-adventure
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This article is about the cancelled Nintendo 64 title that eventually became Star Fox Adventures. For the identically-named planet featured in both games, see Dinosaur Planet (location).

Dinosaur Planet was a video game under development by Rare for the Nintendo 64. It was later cancelled and converted into the Nintendo GameCube title, Star Fox Adventures.


Development on the game began shortly after the release of Diddy Kong Racing, and went through several changes during development before the developers decided on making it an open world adventure game based around two interwoven stories. The story was to center around Sabre and Krystal, along with Tricky and Kyte, and Randorn, a wizard who was also Sabre's father and Krystal's adoptive father. One element featured in the game was the SwapStone, which allowed players to swap between playing as Sabre and Krystal. Its gameplay and cinematics were heavily influenced by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Intended to be Rare's last game on the Nintendo 64, Dinosaur Planet was initially going to use Nintendo 64's Expansion Pak and would've been housed in a 512-megabit (64 megabyte) cartridge, which would have placed it among the largest Nintendo 64 games by stored data.

It was revealed in an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto that he had reviewed Dinosaur Planet and noticed Sabre's design compared to Fox were strikingly similar, leading to him convincing the team to re-design the game to turn it into an official Star Fox game. According to lead software engineer Phil Tossell, the sudden change was not accepted willingly by all of the team, as the plot had to be entirely rewritten to accommodate the canon of Star Fox. Originally, the new game was intended to be called Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, but was later shortened to just Star Fox Adventures. Later on, the team realized the potential of using the Star Fox license in hopes of boosting awareness, and moved development from the Nintendo 64 to the then-upcoming GameCube. Rare released downloadable, limited full length MP3s from the game before the change, many of which remained in the final release, to various video game websites, along with numerous trailers and screenshots of gameplay.

Among the many known changes between Dinosaur Planet and Star Fox Adventures include the lack of two playable characters, Sabre, Randorn, and Drakor's removal, and an entirely different endgame involving a fifth SpellStone.


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