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Star Fox Zero

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Star Fox 64 3DRelease datesStar Fox Guard
Star Fox Zero
SFZ American box art.jpg
Developer Nintendo EPD, PlatinumGames
Publisher Nintendo
Console(s) Wii U
Release date(s) April 21, 2016 (Japan)
April 22, 2016 (NA/EU)
April 23, 2016 (Australia)
Genre Scrolling shooter
Rating(s) ESRB: E10+
Star Fox 64 3D Star Fox Zero Star Fox Guard
StrategyWikilogo.png Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero is seventh installment of the Star Fox series. It was co-developed between Nintendo EPD and PlatinumGames for the Wii U, with Shigeru Miyamoto in charge of development. The game was published by Nintendo in April 2016 for all regions. A tower defense game, Star Fox Guard, was bundled with Star Fox Zero. Despite being the first entry in a decade since Star Fox Command, the game is neither a sequel nor prequel but rather a reimagining of Star Fox 64, even sharing the same story.


Gameplay screenshot of the first stage, Corneria

Star Fox Zero retains its roots as a space-based shooter, and as such, the controls are largely similar to its predecessors. Like Star Fox 64 3D, the game features gyroscopic controls where the player can move the reticle by tilting the unit, or the Wii U GamePad in Star Fox Zero's case. The game has an innovative gaming effect of a stereo-based surround sound system for the GamePad's speakers.

In some levels, Arwings are able to morph into a Walker, similar to and inspired by the morphing mechanic from Star Fox 2. In this form, Arwings can move around on two feet. The game also introduces a new helicopter vehicle, the Gyrowing, which can control a small deployable robot named Direct-i. The Landmaster also reappears and now features two new boosters allowing it to glide forward almost like a plane in a transformation dubbed the "Gravmaster".

The gameplay is broken up into episodic games containing multiple missions. As mentioned by Shigeru Miyamoto, this takes inspiration from the British children's TV show, Thunderbirds.[You need to reference that, Fox]


The game started development on the Wii sometime in 2008, but the team could not seem to find a concept that would bring the game together. Sometime in late 2013, they started work again on it, but moving over some of the assets to Wii U. During E3 2014, a picture of the game was shown on Nintendo's Facebook page using Star Fox 64 3D assets, and was further mentioned as being very much in development, stating that they would have more to show in roughly a year. Nintendo confirmed that it would be shown at E3 2015.

At E3 2015, Nintendo officially revealed the game and its title, showing off gameplay and having a select few levels playable by convention-goers.

On September 17, 2015 Star Fox Zero was delayed from Winter 2015 to Q1 2016. Nintendo citing level design polishing, changes to the tone of cut scenes and "The unprecedented discovery that we want players to experience in the game by using two screens."


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