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List of games featuring Star Fox cameos

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The following is a list of games that feature cameos based on the Star Fox series.

Animal Crossing Series

Animal Crossing logo.png
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Animal Crossing (Nintendo GameCube)

It's possible to get an Arwing as collectible furniture. Touching it will play the Star Fox theme.

Animal Crossing: City Folk/Let's Go to the City (Wii)

It's possible to get an Arwing as collectible furniture. Touching it will play the Star Fox theme.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS)

It's possible to get an Arwing as collectible furniture. Touching it will play the Star Fox theme.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (Nintendo DS)

It's possible to get an Arwing as collectible furniture. Touching it will play the Star Fox theme.

F-Zero series

F-Zero logo.png
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Cameos of the F-Zero Series in the Star Fox Series

  • In one of the endings of Star Fox Command, Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi become pilots in the G-Zero grand prix, a grand prix not unlike the F-Zero grand prix.
  • In another ending of Star Fox Command, Falco becomes a member of the future Star Fox team where he is paralyzed in the legs. His new boots resemble that of Captain Falcon's, a racer in F-Zero.
  • Octoman, an enemy in Star Fox Command is also a pilot in F-Zero. His appearance is shared in that game.

Cameos of the Star Fox Series in F-Zero Series

  • James McCloud, a racer in F-Zero bears many resemblances to the character of the same name in Star Fox. Both run a band of mercenaries, his being Galaxy Dog. His appearance is strikingly similar as well, mainly his clothing choice, though. He has a wife and young son, the latter of which he claims he will purchase an F-Zero machine for to get him into piloting. In F-Zero X, his winning phrase is "I drive like a sly fox" referencing the Star Fox series.
  • Leon is named after a Star Fox character of the same name and is based on Wolf O'Donnell.
  • A large majority of machines in F-Zero use G-Diffuser systems in their engines. The same are used in Arwings.
  • Space Dynamics Co., the team that developed the Great Fox and Arwing, developed a large portion of the Machines used in the F-Zero grand prix.

F-Zero AX (arcade)

F-Zero Climax (Game Boy Advance)

F-Zero GP Legend (Game Boy Advance)

F-Zero GX (Nintendo GameCube)

James McCloud, a playable racer, bears the same name as Fox's father, and has a similar appearance to said character (even though he is a human). He is the leader of a group called "Galaxy Dogs," a parody of the name "Star Fox." His vehicle is similar to an Arwing as well.

F-Zero X (Nintendo 64)

James McCloud, a playable racer, bears the same name as Fox's father, and has a similar appearance to said character (even though he is a human). He is the leader of a group called "Galaxy Dogs," a parody of the name "Star Fox". His vehicle is similar to an Arwing as well.

The Legend of Zelda series

The Legend of Zelda logo.png
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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64)

In the Nintendo 64 title, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, one objective of the game is to collect masks. The Keaton Mask, Bremen Mask, Bunny Hood, Don Gero's Mask, and the Mask of Scents, all seem to resemble Star Fox characters. Keaton Mask is a fox, Bremen Mask is a bird (supposedly a falcon), the Bunny Hood is the head of a rabbit with ears, the Don Gero's Mask is a frog, and the Mask of Scents having the head of a pig. It is also a coincidence how all of the mentioned masks are next to each other in the screen they are shown in.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)

The Arwing appeared in the game as an enemy only by hacking. In June 2011, it was finally revealed that the Arwing was used for testing the battle sequence for one of the games bosses, Volvagia.[1]

Super Mario series

Super Mario logo.png
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Mario Golf (Nintendo 64)

In Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64, various Star Fox characters' names can be found on the scoreboard.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)

In Hinopio's shop in Barrel Volcano, there is a model ship of an Arwing from Star Fox.

Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thanks to the incorporation of the amiibo in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, using the Fox amiibo, a suit that resemble Fox's suit can be used as a Mii racing suit.

Super Mario Maker

In the original Super Mario Bros. scenario type, the player can use (if the stage has it) a Mystery Mushroom that swaps Mario's sprite for one of a different character, 4 of which are the original Star Fox Team. Fox and Falco are unlocked with their respective amiibo, while Peppy and Slippy are randomly unlocked via beating the "100 Mario Chalenger" mode. An Arwing also appears as a Mystery Mushroom costume.

Super Smash Bros. series

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Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)

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Super Smash Bros. Melee (Nintendo GameCube)

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / for Wii U

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Wario Series

Wario Series Symbol.png
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WarioWare: D.I.Y. (Nintendo DS)

  • A Star Fox microgame appears in WarioWare D.I.Y.. It takes place in Corneria, with fox flying down a valley where a butterfly-shaped enemy (the type used in Star Fox 64 & 3D art) flies towards the arwing. the only control is tapping the screen, which causes the arwing to fire. The microgame is won if the enemy is shot down before it hits Fox.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves (Wii)

All of 9-Volt's boss stages are based on the game Star Fox. On the easiest difficulty, it is based off of Corneria, difficulty 1, complete with arches, enemies, sound effects and even some sprites from the original. The boss is a giant Robotic Operating Buddy wielding a Zapper. On the second difficulty grade it is based off of Sector X, whereas the final grade is based off of Titania.

Other Series

Pokémon Stadium 2 (Nintendo 64)

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In My Room mode, if there is a Nintendo 64 in the Pokémon room, one of the games shown on the TV is Star Fox 64.

Stunt Race FX (SNES)

On the stage "Night Owl", crashing through all 4 Star Fox signs will have an Arwing fly by and drop a powerup. Fox McCloud can also be seen on some of the billboards scattered around the game.

This game's lead developer was one of the lead developers of Star Fox, Giles Goddard.

X-Scape (DSi)

X-Scape (and the earlier game, X) were both developed by Dylan Cuthbert and Q-Games, so a few references to his other series can be expected. The controls in this game are very similar to the controls for flying in Star Fox Command. Also, if you complete all optional Quests on a planet, you will get a medal on the Star Chart next to the planet. The medal's design is almost exactly the same as the one in Star Fox 64 (tri-striped ribbon with a star on the medallion). Finally, upon completion of the Quest on Menfarb called "Menfarb Cup", VIX-529 (your AI companion) jokingly remarks that you should join the G-Zero Prix, which probably references the G-Zero of Star Fox Command, which in itself is a reference to the F-Zero game series. Also, the main antagonists in the series are the Xenomantix, a group of aliens who resemble lizards (more specifically, velociraptors). This theme of the common enemies being lizard-like continues on in both Star Fox and Star Fox 64. Further similarities exist between the penultimate boss (The Imperial Emperor) and Andross (you fight a head with hands), the final area rests inside a base shaped similarly to Andross's, and after defeating the Xenomantix, you have to excape through a tunnel before the explosion behing you catches up with you. Also, an old friend (the original General) shows up to help you escape, with questionable survivability. Yet another possible reference is that once you achieve the X rank and/or complete every quest (not 100% sure which triggers it, if not both), you get an alternate title screen. You can also play a "training" mode or go straight into the game. This concept was in both Star Fox and Star Fox 64, although X also had this split and predates the original Star Fox.

Piloting a vehicle with both flight and ground mobility was a core part of Star Fox 2's gameplay, which was possible inspired by the original X.

Another interesting (but slightly off-topic) note is that the player's tank is called VIXIV, and Adam Malkovitch's Flagship in Metroid: Other M is named the same.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Wii U)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 features a costume based on Fox McCloud that characters can dress as.

Steel Diver: Sub Wars (Nintendo 3DS)

The Blue Marine is available in this game as a paid DLC, and Peppy shows up in the free version, recommending the player upgrade to the full paid version.

This game's lead developer, Giles Goddard, was one of the lead developers of Star Fox.

Bayonetta 2 (Wii U; Nintendo Switch)

Bayonetta gets a Star Fox outfit from DLC, and one level features a stage inspired heavily from Star Fox, complete with flying in arwings and doing barrel rolls!

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (iOS/Android/Windows Phone)

  • In the iOS/Android/Windows Phone mobile game Guy: The Quest for Stuff, during a timed event based on the film The Princess Bride. In one of the quests of the timed event, the character Fezzik talks with Sir Peter about melées:

Fezzik: Peter, I'm going to teach you some hand-to-hand combat. Now, what do you do if you get into a melee?
Sir Peter: I pick Fox, turn off items, and select Final Destination.
Sir Peter: Sorry, I only know the word "melee" from Super Smash Bros.

Other media


Nintendo and Robot Chicken

The Martian

  • In the 2015 science-fiction film The Martian, Mark Watney (portrayed by Matt Damon) tells his fellow crew "I'm ready, just no Barrel Rolls" when his craft is in count-down to launch from Mars.