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Blue Marine

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"The mechanical genius of the Star Fox Team, Slippy Toad, kitbashed the Blue-Marine out of spare parts and scrap metal." - Star Fox 64 Official Website, Star Fox 64.
Vehicle: Blue Marine
The Blue Marine as it appears in Star Fox 64.
Mode(s) Water
Usage Battle, Transportation
Affiliation both
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The Blue Marine is the Star Fox team's Marine-Battle and Transportation Vehicle. It was developed for recreational use by Slippy Toad, though he modified it for battle when Fox McCloud told him they were going to need it for a mission on Aquas. The Blue Marine's defense systems are similar to Arwing's in that it uses the same laser and barrel roll technology. The submarine was not made for such deep and dark seas and Fox was forced to use special Light Torpedoes to give him temporary sight in the dark oceans of Aquas. The Star Fox team has so far only been seen using the Blue Marine once, during Fox's mission to destroy Andross's bioweapon, Bacoon, during the Lylat War.[1] The current status of the Blue Marine is unknown as the Star Fox team would likely keep it in their mothership, the Great Fox, which was destroyed during the invasion of the Aparoid Homeworld. Though, in Star Fox Command, all air fighters were able to successfully manuever in the missions on Aquas, possibly rendering the Blue Marine obsolete even if it had survived, although the events in Command fall into questionable canonity.
Slippy Toad's blueprints for the Blue Marine submersible.


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