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Bacoon in Star Fox 64.
Location Aquas
Affiliation(s) Andross
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Bacoon is one of Andross's bioweapons in the form of a giant clam, and boss of Aquas in Star Fox 64. The Star Fox team was sent to investigate this activity. Bacoon was the reason as to why Aquas was covered in oceans. It used its manipulation of other sea creatures to melt the polar ice caps and flood the planet. Andross later gained control of Bacoon as well as the other sea creatures[1].


The Bacoon attacks by barraging Fox McCloud's Blue Marine with pearl bombs and artificial segmented pearl creatures. It has three barnacles that are attached to the creature's body that allow its incredible line of attack.


When Bacoon first appears, it will reveal its tendons. These tendons must be disconnected by torpedoes. Before the tendons are destroyed, the player may also choose to destroy the three barnacle mortars on Bacoon's shell. If the player is going for the Aquas' Medal, it is very advisable to destroy them, for they each add a hit +4. Once the tendons are destroyed, Bacoon's top shell will collapse, revealing its eye. The eye must be destroyed by torpedoes and is often shielded by a flap of some sort. The flap must be damaged by regular lasers until it disappears, revealing the eye, then a homing torpedo must be fired upon the eye. In addition, the pearl bombs tend to block the torpedoes, and the more damage Bacoon takes, the more pearls it shoots.


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