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Stage: Aquas
3D Aquas.png
Aquas as seen in Star Fox 64 3D
Name Aquas
Stage Type Planet
Games Star Fox 64, Star Fox Command, Star Fox 64 3D
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Aquas, along with Zoness, is one of the two aquatic planets in the Lylat System. Aquas is entirely covered in ocean according to Star Fox 64, but was shown to have islands in one ending of Star Fox Command.

In Game History

Early History

Some time long before the Lylat Wars, Aquas had several islands. For unknown reason, Bacoon became jealous of the people who lived on these islands. Bacoon sent an army of exploding Starfish to the polar ice caps and had them explode. The resulting explosion melted the ice and flooded the planet, covering the little existing land in ocean.

Aquas During the Lylat Wars

Aquas in Star Fox Command.

Andross used Aquas as one of his main bioweapon sites. This experimentation caused the Aquas ocean to become polluted. General Pepper sent Star Fox team to investigate. Fox used the Blue Marine built by Slippy Toad to explore the ocean's depths. There, he fought the monstrous Bacoon, altered by Andross during his experiments. Fox managed to destroy Bacoon and stop the pollution.

Aquas and the Anglar

After the Lylat Wars, the pollution that Andross had caused was easily purged. When the Anglar attacked Lylat, Aquas came under the control of Octoman and Zako, two of the Anglar Emperor's commanding officers.

Beneath the Waves

This story occurs if ROB 64 decides to go with Fox and Slippy after defeating Andrew Oikonny.

Slippy and Fox went to Aquas at Slippy request to check on Amanda. The two met up with Falco Lombardi on the way. Falco wanted to tell Fox some bad news, but the team was forced to dive into the ocean. Amanda quickly appeared during the fight and helped them defeat the Anglar forces. After the fight, Amanda and Slippy talk to each other before Amanda left to return to Aquas. Falco then told Fox that their old team member, Krystal, had joined their rival team, Star Wolf. When contacted by General Peppy Hare, the team soon headed towards Sector Z.

Octoman's Ruse

A map of Aquas during Star Fox Command.
This story occurs if Fox decides to meet up with Falco after flying solo on Corneria.

After meeting up in the Asteroid Belt, Fox and Falco went to Aquas to check on Slippy. There, they met up with Amanda, Slippy's fiancee, and the three fought the Anglar forces. The three fought the area's commander, Octoman, who had possessed Slippy. Fox managed to defeat Octoman and save Slippy. After the battle, Fox decided to go to Katina in the hope that Krystal would forgive him.

Slippy's Resolve

This story occurs if Slippy decides to go to Aquas after saving Peppy.

Slippy left Fox to return to Aquas and check on Amanda. The two met up during the battle and fought throught the Anglar forces. The two then fought against the commander Octoman. Octoman sent Zako in the Devil Shark to deal with the two, but Zako was easily defeated. Slippy then asked Amanda to marry him and she responded yes. The two were married and stayed on Aquas for the rest of their lives.


Star Fox 64

  • Angler Fish
  • Aquas Squid
  • Bacoon
  • Gargas
  • Giant Spindly Fish
  • Sculpins
  • Starfish

Star Fox Command

  • Atomic Ray
  • Aquas Squid
  • Death Plankton
  • Devil Shark II
  • Giant Spindly Fish
  • Devil Shark
  • Jellyfish
  • Needle Fish
  • Octopod and Slippy Toad
  • Starfish


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