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Cat's Paw

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Cat's Paw
Katt Monroe's Cat's Paw as it appears in Star Fox 64.
Mode(s) Flight
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The Cat's Paw is a reverse-engineered Invader III Fighter prototype piloted by Katt Monroe in Star Fox 64 and its remake. It was stolen from the Venomian Army and heavily modified into its present state. Katt stole the ship after her original one was destroyed by the Venomian Army. When Katt was asked by Falco Lombardi about how the event played, Katt just told him to be thankful that she was on his side[1].

Its capabilities are unknown, however, it appears to be capable of the same maneuvers Arwings are capable of including (but possibly not limited to) Barrel Rolls and U-Turns. When the Cat's Paw Barrel rolls, it sends off a trail of sparkles into the surrounding air.

Cat's Paw 2

The Cat's Paw is believed to either have been destroyed or outmoded by new technology, thus leading Katt to create the Cat's Paw 2, appearing in Star Fox Command. Like Katt herself, the ship was completely redesigned. The Cat's Paw 2 featured a Single Lock and an Arc Laser. It could hold two Smart Bombs, but it also had one of the lowest Boost stats of all the personal fighters. In one of the endings, Katt forsook this ship for a pink Sky Claw when she joined Falco's mercenary team.

Star Fox Command stats

Cat's Paw II stats
Laser: Arc
Lock: Single
Smart Bombs: ● ●
Shields: ● ● ● ●
Boost: ● ● ●
Time Bonus: ● ●



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