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Vehicle: Sky Claw
Falco's Sky Claw as it appears in Star Fox Command.
Name Sky Claw
Mode(s) Flight
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The Sky Claw is a modified Arwing and Falco Lombardi's personal starfighter. It was the most altered of the Arwings in appearance. The Sky Claw has similar stats to the Arwing II, but it has very high speed and maneuverability, it is sleeker, and has broader wings with claw-like tips, which are directed forward rather than the traditional swept-wing design for most starfighters. It is armed with a Single Laser like the Arwing II, however, it only has one Smart Bomb for the payload and a Multi-Lock. Despite the limitation of armaments, it proves to be a very formidable ship. Its sole weakness is its low shield capacity, but this is somewhat compensated by its high Boost/Brake/Roll fuel. In one of the many endings of Star Fox Command, Falco creates his own team made of up of Katt Monroe, Dash Bowman, and himself. The three all fly Sky Claws with personal colorations.

Star Fox Command stats

Sky Claw stats
Laser: Single
Lock: Multi
Smart Bombs:
Shields: ● ● ● ●
Boost: ● ● ● ●
Time Bonus: ● ● ●

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