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Meteo Crusher

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Meteo Crusher
The Meteo Crusher in Star Fox 64.
Game(s) Star Fox, Star Fox 64 (3D)
Location Meteo, Sector X
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The Meteo Crusher[1], originally known as Rock Crusher, is a utility ship designed by the Venomian Army, and it appears in Star Fox and Star Fox 64, including its remake, Star Fox 64 3D.

As its name suggests, the Meteo Crusher was created to crush the asteroids and planetoids in the Asteroid Field, clearing a path for Andross and his fleet. Aside from destroying the asteroids, the Meteo Crusher could extract the raw ore and minerals found within the asteroid. These materials were transported back to Venom bases to be refined and later used to construct weapons and starfighters.


Star Fox

In the first Star Fox game, two Rock Crushers were sent to clear asteroid fields near Corneria for Venom's forces to build bases, as well as allow the Space Armada to attack Corneria. In Sector X, one of the two Crushers has already destroyed many asteroids. Despite being utility vessels, the Meteo Crushers aren't defenseless, having a cluster of four cannons on either end of their structures. Once the cannons are destroyed, however, there is nothing keeping its heavy body secured to the main core inside and it flies off into space exposing itself.

The core is where the minerals are thought to be stored and is the weakest part of the Crusher. Its only defense is a single rapid fire cannon at its center.

Star Fox 64

In Star Fox 64, General Pepper sends the Star Fox team to take Meteo Crusher out. Its manner of defenses are a shield that can absorb laser shots and fire three powerful blasts, missiles, ring lasers and lighting-like beams. After bringing the Meteo Crusher's strength down to half, the pilot, who often makes sarcastic remarks, will attempt to fool Fox by faking a surrender- the pilot can blow his own cover, or Falco will expose his lies.


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