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Monarch Dodora

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The creature from the original Star Fox.

The Monarch Dodora is a fictional bioweapon in the Star Fox universe and appears in the titles Star Fox and Star Fox Command. In both incarnations it is depicted as a giant twin-headed birdlike creature. It also slightly resembles King Ghidorah from the Godzilla series.

Star Fox

The Monarch Dodora is stationed at the end of the planet Fortuna.

It is first seen resting, but immediately gets up to attacking stance when the player approaches.

It mainly hops around with its back facing the player swinging its tail around and laying giant eggs that will either explode or hatch into enemies unless the player destroys them in time.

Dodora Egg.

When the player shortens the tail by firing on the glowing tip of it repeatedly, it will turn around to face the player in a charging position and breathing flames. When this happens, the player can shorten the necks of the weapon by firing at its heads.

Once both necks are shortened, any subsequent shot fired afterward damages the boss' life meter. However, after a given amount of time, the necks and tail regrow and the cycle begins again until either the Dodora or the player is defeated.

Star Fox Command

In Star Fox Command, the Monarch Dodora returns as a guardian bioweapon that the ghost of Andross unleashes on the player depending on the story path that was chosen.

In this version, the Dodora appears to be made of stone and has some attacks similar to its previous appearance, however, with the addition of sticking its heads into the ground much like an ostrich and making them appear somewhere else on the battlefield.