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3D Fichina.png
Fichina as it appears in Star Fox 64 3D
Stage type Planet
Games Star Fox 64, Star Fox: Assault, Star Fox Command, Star Fox 64 3D
No music provided
Star Fox 64 info
Bronze Medal 40
Stage/Silver Medal 50
Gold Medal 90
Vehicle Arwing
Navigation info
<-- Meteo Main Route(s) Sector X -->
<-- None Hidden Route(s) Solar -->
Star Fox: Assault info
Bronze Medal 600
Silver Medal 2000
Gold Medal 3900
Navigation info
<-- Sargasso Space Zone Route Meteo -->
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Fichina is an icy planet within the Parlak sector[1] of the Lylat System. It first appeared in Star Fox 64, though it was mistakenly refered to as Fortuna.


Throughout most of Lylat history, the planet of Fichina was uninhabitable due to the planet being extremely cold.[2] Eventually, an unknown group built a center meant to control the climate and keep it at bay.[3] Other than the climate control center, Fichina is home to several Cornerian bases. It is also known to be covered with a dense layer of fog.


Star Fox 64

A preview of Fichina in Star Fox Command

During the Lylat Wars, a Cornerian base was attacked and taken by the forces of Andross. The Star Fox team was sent to retake the Cornerian base from Andross while on their way to his base on Venom. Early during the battle, Slippy Toad began to notice that the enemy ships were leaving the base with increasing speed. ROB 64 reported to team leader Fox McCloud that a bomb had been triggered in the base. Before he could go to defuse the bomb, Fox and his team were set upon by the Star Wolf team, led by Fox's rival, Wolf O'Donnell. Star Fox managed to beat their rivals and Fox plunged into the base, deactivating the bomb.

Star Fox: Assault

Fox resting on Fichina.

Due to the advice of Panther Caroso, the newest member of the Star Wolf team, Star Fox followed Pigma Dengar to Fichina. They arrived to find the climate control center out of order.[4] Peppy told Fox that he had to reactivate the generator to keep the planet habitable[5]. Fox landed on the planet to find that the climate control center was protected by three shield generators. Peppy sent him a Landmaster and, with it, Fox blew up the shield generators. Upon entering, Fox was able to reactivate the control center, but was attacked by the sentry bots. Falco arrived on the scene in his Arwing and saved Fox. With Fox on his wing, Falco went to join Slippy and Krystal, who had also appeared. Slippy had analyzed the sentry bots and found out that they were Aparoids that had infected the control center. Pigma then revealed himself before awakening the control generator, which had also been infected Falco left Pigma alone to fight the Aparoid and dropped Fox off to get his Arwing. Using Smart Bombs dropped by the creatures that the Aparoid released, Fox managed to defeat the Aparoid without harming the generator. With the defeat of the Aparoid, Fox stayed behind on the planet to ponder the infectious ability of the Aparoids.

Star Fox Command

Fog of War

This story occurs if Fox and Slippy head to Fichina to aid Lucy Hare.

After intercepting a message to General Peppy Hare from his daughter, Lucy Hare, Fox and Slippy raced towards Fichina. They arrived to find the planet swarmed by the Anglar forces. After clearing the battlefield, Fox and Slippy were once again set upon by Star Wolf. The two defeated their opponents and managed to find Lucy. Lucy revealed that she had learned the leader of the attack was Andrew Oikonny. Slippy then suggested that he and Fox might want to visit his father, Beltino, at the Beltino Orbital Gate and Fox decided whether to stay on Fichina, or head towards the Meteo Asteroid Belt.

Oikonny Strikes Back

This story occurs if Fox and Slippy stay on Fichina to fight Oikonny.

Upon deciding to stay on Fichina, ROB recieved a message from Oikonny and patched him through. Oikonny revealed that the Anglar Emperor had personally searched him out to lead the attack on Fichina. Once the message finished, Fox and Slippy soared into the battlefield. Lucy followed, despite Fox's original reluctance to let her join in. The three found Oikonny using an Anglarian weapon called the Death Crab. They easily managed to defeat the crazed ape and returned to the Great Fox. There, Lucy stormed Fox about his recent break up with Krystal, though Fox quickly agreed with her on everything she said. Lucy the departed for Corneria to find her father, while Fox and Slippy went to Aquas.

Former Rivals

This story occurs if Fox goes to Fichina to recruit Wolf.

After leaving Corneria, Fox and ROB tracked down Wolf O'Donnell on Fichina in the hope that they could recruit him to help fight against the Anglar. Fox managed to defeat some of the Anglarian forces before facing off against Star Wolf alone. Even on his own, Fox managed to defeat his rivals. Wolf decided to ally with Fox surpisingly quickly when he arrived on the Great Fox II. The two then headed to Solar to meet up with Falco, despite Wolf's protests.



  • Whilst it is true Fichina was introduced to most global gamers via Star Fox: Assault, the planet actually made its debut on the Japanese version of Star Fox 64. Apparently, Fichina was renamed as "Fortuna" in the English version, possibly due to a translation error and/or miscommunication. This had been corrected with the release of Star Fox 64 3D.
  • Fichina is similar to the planet Hoth from Star Wars Episode V. Both are snowy world's covered in permanent snow and ice, and there is a battle that occurs on both.


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