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Lucy Hare

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Lucy Hare
Lucy Hare SFC artwork.jpg
Artwork from Star Fox Command
Home planet Corneria
Role Astrophysics teacher on Fichina
Premiere game Star Fox Command
Affiliations Star Fox
Family Peppy Hare (father)
Vivian Hare (mother)
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Lucy Hare is the only daughter of Peppy and Vivian Hare. She pilots the Sky Bunny in Star Fox Command and teaches astrophysics on Fichina. Slippy once stated that she had always wanted to be a pilot when she was young. She befriended Krystal during her time with the Star Fox team and was greatly distressed when Fox forced Krystal off the team and broke up with her.


Spoiler warning: The following contains key plot or ending details.

Oikonny Strikes Back

This story occurs if Fox chooses to go to Fichina after reuniting with Slippy.

Lucy first appeared in the Star Fox series in a transmission to her father that was intercepted by Fox, Slippy, and ROB 64. She later appeared after the team had arrived and rescued her at the Fichina base. She had learned that the leader of the Anglar attack on Fichina was Andrew Oikonny and asked Fox if she could help in the fight to which he agreed.

After Oikonny's defeat, Lucy grilled Fox on his break up with Krystal and unintentionally forced him to admit it was stupid idea. She then decided that she was going to head for Corneria to help her father.

Father and Daughter

This story occurs if ROB 64 goes to Corneria with Lucy.

Lucy and ROB approached Corneria to find it the capital city completely swarmed by Anglarian forces. Lucy thanked ROB for coming with her and, despite being a robot, said he would do anything for her, though Lucy didn't hear him. The two pilots headed down to the planet below and managed to clear Corneria City of the Anglar. When she finally found Peppy, he told her that he had to hurry away and find Fox and tell him important information. Lucy asked to go with him but Peppy refused and said he was going to the dangerous planet, Titania.

Lucy and Krystal

Lucy and her father, remembering Vivian Hare.

This story occurs if ROB 64 stays on Corneria with Lucy.

Immediately after Peppy left, Lucy got the news that a massive Anglar invasion was heading her way. At the same time, Lucy was sent a transmission from Krystal saying that she, Katt Monroe, and Amanda had arrived to help. The combined power of the four women decimated the Anglar forces and even a massive battleship that had left destruction in its wake. Lucy thanked the others and was glad to see Krystal and meet Katt and Amanda. The four then got a message from Peppy stating that they had defeated the rest of the Anglar at their base and were coming home. Lucy, Krystal, Katt, and Amanda plan a party for the heroes when they come home. During the party, Lucy and Peppy left to talk about the memories of Vivian Hare, the mother and wife that they had lost to sickness long ago, until the morning light.

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