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Vivian Hare

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Vivian Hare
Lucy and Peppy SFC ending.png
Lucy and Peppy remembering Vivian Hare
Premiere game Star Fox Command
Family Peppy Hare (husband)
Lucy Hare (daughter)
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Vivian Hare is the late wife of Peppy Hare and mother of Lucy Hare. She is only seen as a faint image in the sky during the second screen of one of the endings in Star Fox Command. It has been revealed that she died of an unknown illness shortly after the end of the Lylat Wars in Star Fox 64.

The entire scene of which she is talked about, Peppy and his daughter reminesce about memories of her both joyful and bittersweet until the dawn breaks. Vivian is shown to be a mint-furred rabbit female with white fur accents on her face and brown eyes.

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