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3D Corneria.png
Corneria as seen in Star Fox 64 3D
Stage type Planet
Games Star Fox
Star Fox 2
Star Fox 64 (3D)
Star Fox: Assault
Star Fox Command
Star Fox Zero
Star Fox 64 info
Bronze Medal 100
Stage/Silver Medal 150
Gold Medal 190
Vehicle Arwing
Navigation info
<-- none Main Route(s) Meteo -->
<-- none Hidden Route(s) Sector Y -->
Star Fox: Assault info
Bronze Medal 350
Silver Medal 800
Gold Medal 1,600
Navigation info
<-- Sauria Route Beltino Orbital Gate -->
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Corneria is the fourth planet of the Lylat System and the most populated. It is a normally peaceful planet and is the home of the Cornerians, including most of the Star Fox team. Corneria is very similar to Earth due to its vegetation, variety of climates and terrains, and overall appearance. Despite being a peaceful planet, Corneria has been under attack by at least a few enemy forces.

The planet's capital is Corneria City, and its base is the Cornerian Army. Corneria has appeared in every Star Fox game except Star Fox Adventures, although it was mentioned in said game.


Star Fox 64

Most of Corneria's early history is documented in Star Fox 64's intro movie and the instruction booklet.

Prior to the game's events, Corneria was protected by the original Star Fox team, led by James McCloud, with the assistance of the Cornerian Army. One day, Andross used a secret weapon he made to launch a surprise attack on Corneria, thus starting the Lylat Wars. The planet was peaceful and had a small military that was unprepared for the attack. Andross's attack turned Corneria into wasteland that nearly became extinct. During the war, General Pepper managed to capture Andross and exile him to Venom.

Five years later, Corneria's observation station reported strange activity from Venom. Pepper assigned James, Pigma and Peppy to investigate. James was killed during the mission, and Peppy returned to Corneria to inform James's son, Fox McCloud, about his father's death.

A few years later, Andross invaded the Lylat System again. General Pepper recruited a new Star Fox team, led by Fox. Their first mission was to destroy the Venomian forces attacking Corneria City. After traveling through many planets, Star Fox managed to reach Venom, defeat Andross and defeat the enemy forces. In the aftermath, Corneria spent a few years recovering from the Lylat Wars.

Star Fox: Assault

At the start of Star Fox: Assault, the Cornerian Defense Force was fighting off the last of Andross's forces, which are led by his nephew, Andrew Oikonny. The Star Fox team saved Corneria once again, although a new threat began to attack—the aparoids, which began to attack Corneria City and its defense force. Star Fox managed to fight off the enemy force by the end of the battle and save Corneria again.

Game appearances

Star Fox

In Star Fox

Corneria, known as Corneria - The Base on the stage opening, is the first stage in Star Fox, regardless of the path. From there, the mission path differs. The level's boss is Attack Carrier.

Star Fox 2

In Star Fox 2

In Star Fox 2, Corneria does not appear as a stage, but it remains pivotal to gameplay. The Star Fox team must prevent the enemies from dealing 100% damage to Corneria.

Star Fox 64

Fox's Arwing flies toward a Ski Bot in Corneria in Star Fox 64 3D

In Star Fox 64, Star Fox was hired by General Pepper to assist the main army base, which was overrun by the Venomian Army. When Star Fox arrived at Corneria City, they were shocked at the destruction caused by the Venomian Army. Like the first Star Fox, Corneria is the first level of the game. It has two paths that can be taken:

  • Route 1: If Fox does not follow Falco by flying under the arches in the sea, a boss fight against Granga will occur. Defeating it leads to Meteo.
  • Route 2: If Fox follows Falco, he encounters a hidden boss, the Attack Carrier, and defeating it leads to Sector Y.

Star Fox: Assault

In Star Fox: Assault, the seventh mission takes place on Corneria, more specifically in its capital city. It is an on-foot mission, where Fox must shoot down several aparoids and infected soldiers and ships. Certain targets can only be destroyed by a sniper rifle. The second part of the mission has Fox standing on Wolf's Wolfen, and Fox must shoot down all the enemies. The boss is General Pepper's airship, which is infected by aparoids after Fox shoots down enemies from the Wolven. General Pepper is inside the airship, and the aparoids try to infect him as well.

Star Fox Command

In Star Fox Command, Corneria was invaded by a third group of enemy forces, the Anglars. Some of the battles take place in Corneria City. It is unknown what became of Corneria, due to the game's multiple endings.

Other appearances

Super Smash Bros. series

Combat on Corneria in 3DS
Main article: Corneria (stage)

A stage that is based on and shares a name with Corneria appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It later appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The stage takes place on the Great Fox as it flies through Corneria City. Arwings sometimes fly by and shoot at the combatants, which can cause high damage and knockback. The Great Fox's cannons sometimes shoot lasers but can be destroyed during the match.

Profiles and descriptions

Star Fox

Instruction manual

Planet IV: Corneria:
"The fourth planet in the Lylat System, Corneria, is known as the "bread basket" of the system. It is a fertile farming world with a variety of climates and terrains. Most of the inhabitants live in the shelter of the mountain ranges, where the most productive farming soil can be found. Corneria is a peaceful planet with only the smallest of defense forces. Most of its starships are designed for exploration and transportation. When Andross's invasion fleet threatened the planet, it was up to General Pepper to improvise some kind of planetary defense. He hired the Star Fox Team to pilot the experimental Arwing Fighters."

Star Fox 64

Official website

Artwork of Corneria for Star Fox 64

The titles and descriptions are from Star Fox 64's official website:[1]

  • Planetary Compendium: "The temperate world of Corneria is known as the jewel of the Lylat system. Although the planet is home to 85% of the Lylat system's population, its industry and cities are built in harmony with nature. Corneria is the center of government, culture and politics for the Lylat system."
  • Mission Briefing: "The Star Fox Team faces their first test on their home world of Corneria, where the military situation is deteriorating in the wake of Andross's assault. Andross's advance forces have breached the planet's defenses at several points and are assaulting the capital city! Although the Cornerian Defense Forces have held on for as long as possible, General Pepper finally has to call on the Star Fox Team for help. The main thrust of Andross's attack on Corneria is centered around the old army base in Corneria City. Approaching the city through the southern canyon will give the team the element of surprise. As the Star Fox Team's fighters move to destroy enemy fighters and ground forces, they'll have to be on the look out for falling rubble from the city's buildings, and for berserk construction robots!"
  • Intelligence: "After the checkpoint, three enemy ships will chase Falco. Destroy these three ships, and then fly through all of the arches ahead. Falco will lead you to an alternate path through the mission which will take you to a different lieutenant, and to Sector Y."

"Medal Score: 50 hits"
"Checkpoint Goal: 70 hits"
"There are tricks to getting enough enemies to appear to get a medal in this stage. Try flying between the buildings and under arches since this will sometimes make additional enemies appear. In general, in order to ear a medal you will need to use the charged lasers to destroy clusters of enemies with one shot. Also, make sure your wingmen survive the mission! Falco will be attacked immediately after the checkpoint-- be sure to shoot down his pursuers."

Planetary Data:
  • Radius: 6,464 km
  • Albedo: .37
  • Gravity: 1.000
  • Esc Velocity: 12.10 km/s
  • Equilibrium: K 279
  • Atmosphere: N277 + O221
  • Hydrographics: 75%
  • Biomass: 2,870 Quads
  • Class: H


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コーネリア
Traditional Chinese 行星柯內莉亞
Simplified Chinese 行星克尼利亚
Dutch Corneria -
French Corneria -
German Corneria -
Italian Coneria -
Korean 코네리아 행성
konelia haengseong
Planet Corneria
Russian Корнерия
Spanish Corneria -


  • Corneria's Japanese name is shared with a kingdom in the first Final Fantasy, whose name was localized as "Coneria" or "Cornelia" in the English versions.


  1. Corneria on the official Star Fox 64 website (starfox64.com) (archived).

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