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Stage: Cerinia
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Name Cerinia
Stage Type Planet
Games Star Fox Adventures (mentioned only)
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Cerinia was a planet in a system far away from Lylat System, and is home to the blue vixen Krystal.

In Star Fox Adventures Cerinia was reported to be completely destroyed. The only known survivor of this catastrophe is Krystal, who originally came to Lylat, and later Sauria, searching for answers to the destruction of her homeworld.

Absolutely nothing is known about the planet's enviroment, history, its overall natives and respective cultures, as well as its true fate. This is because Cerinia is referred to only once in the beginning of Star Fox Adventures, and is never mentioned again. It is currently unknown whether Krystal herself is still interested in investigating the fate of the planet.


  • Krystal and her family may have been of high status on Cerinia. This is implied by the various symbols and tattoos decorating Krystal's clothing and herself, as well as by her mystic staff, and gold-white clothing.

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