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Sargasso Space Zone

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Sargasso Space Zone
Star Fox and Star Wolf dogfighting in front of the Sargasso Space Hideout in Star Fox: Assault.
Stage type Space Station
Games Star Fox: Assault
No music provided
Star Fox: Assault info
Bronze Medal 400
Silver Medal 900
Gold Medal 1500
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The Sargasso Space Zone is an illegal space colony within the rocky Meteo Asteroid Belt and is home to a gang of thugs and criminals under the authority of Wolf O'Donnell. During the attack by the Aparoids, the Star Fox team came here in search of Pigma Dengar who had stolen an Aparoid Core Memory containing vital information about the species and their homeworld. When the criminal ruffians inside the colony denied any knowledge of Pigma and took a hostile stance against Star Fox, the team decided to take action. Fox and Slippy were sent inside the base to search for Pigma and stamp out any resistance they encountered, while Falco and Krystal took care of the fleet outside.

Later, the Star Wolf team arrived after receiving a distress call from their troops. Furious over the intrusion into their territory, Wolf, Leon, and the team's newest member, Panther Caroso, engaged Star Fox in their Wolfens, but were defeated. After some talk, Wolf admitted that Pigma had been kicked out of Star Wolf and stated that the ruffians were to drive Pigma out if he had entered the Region. Panther, infatuated with Krystal, cited the communications log, which pointed the team towards Fichina.

After the war, the Cornerian Defense Force decided that, since Star Wolf's survival was in question at the time, they would have to monitor the succession of the base. The space hideout was no longer considered a threat due to its numbers being extremely thinned by Star Fox.


  • The Sargasso Space Zone is likely named after the Sargasso Sea, a region in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.
  • Given the fact that some of the equipment of the Ruffians have Andross's logo on them, it can be assumed that at least some of the ruffians in the Sargasso Space Zone were former members of the Venomian Army.


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