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Versus Mode

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Versus Mode is a mode in multiple Star Fox games that involves multiplayer battling. To date, there are three games with this mode: Star Fox 64, Star Fox: Assault and Star Fox Command.

Star Fox 64

Simply called VS, the versus mode of Star Fox 64 is a rather simple one.

Game Modes

First, the players choose the Game Mode. There are three different Game Modes to choose from.

  • Point Match: This is the basic mode, in which the player, who is the first one to shoot down the set number of other players, is the winner. The number of required kills can be set from one to five.
  • Battle Royal: This is a very simple mode, in which each player has only one single life. The winner is the last man standing.
  • Time Trial: This is a time-based mode, in which the players have a set number of time to shoot down enemies. However, if a player gets shot down by another player before the end of the match, his score resets back to zero. The player with the highest score at the end of the match is the winner. The time limit can be set from one to five minutes.


After choosing the Game Mode, the players choose their Handicap, which can be set from one (no Handicap) to three (significant Handicap). The higher the Handicap the shorter the [[Shield Gauge. The players also choose one out of four Characters, which is determined by the controller slot in which a player's controller is plugged into. The screen is also divided into four equal rectangles between the players. In two and three player games, the unoccupied fourths of the screen will display various camera angles of players. The camera also kicks in Battle Royal if there are more than 2 players left and a player is shot down. The fourth of a screen each player gets is also determined by the controller slot.

  • Player having the controller in slot 1 is Fox McCloud and gets the upper left fourth of the screen.
  • Player having the controller in slot 2 is Peppy Hare and gets the upper right fourth of the screen.
  • Player having the controller in slot 3 is Slippy Toad and gets the lower left fourth of the screen.
  • Player having the controller in slot 4 is Falco Lombardi and gets the lower right fourth of the screen.

The characters are in no way different from each other gameplay wise, so they only differ by their looks.


After choosing their characters, the players set the number of required kills if they are playing Point Match or time if they're playing Time Trial. There are no this kind of special options when playing Battle Royal. In the same window comes the Stage selection. There are a whopping three stages in Star Fox 64's Versus Mode. To make things even worse, there are only two stages to choose from per Game Mode. If you reach the edge of the Stage, you will warp to the other side.

  • Corneria: This stage is available in Point Match and Battle Royal. There are only some pyramids and buildings on this otherwise simply flat stage. The players have no vehicle restrictions.
  • Sector Z: This is stage is playable in every Game Mode. There is some space junk on this stage, but not much else. It highly resembles its Main Game's counterpart. Since the stage is situated in space, the Arwing is the only vehicle available here.
  • Katina: This stage is inaccessible outside Time Trial. It is very much like Corneria, but has only one giant pyramid in the center of the stage, much like in the Main Game. The players have all the vehicle options available.


After choosing the stage, the battle is almost ready to start. The players now have five seconds to choose one of two vehicles or to not use one. If nothing is chosen within the five seconds, it will be randomized.

  • Arwing: The player fights with an Arwing, which has an advantage over the other two options, for its flying capability and speed, which the other options more or less lack. The Arwing is chosen with the A Button.
  • Landmaster: The player starts the battle with a Landmaster anti-aircraft tank, which can dodge by rolling as well as hover for small periods of time. The Landmaster is chosen with the B Button.
  • On foot: The player has no vehicle at all and their character fights with only a huge blaster on their shoulder. The characters are also very slow without vehicles. The on foot option can be chosen by pressing the C up Button.

Power Ups

After the vehicles have been chosen or the five second time limit has passed, the battle starts. There are two different power ups available. They highly affect the outcome of a battle. Only one of each upgrade appears on a stage at a time.

  • Laser: The Laser of your character gets its firepower doubled. The player with this has a serious advantage over other players.
  • Smart Bomb: The Smart Bomb is a one use, enormous damage causing bomb. Lock onto another player and use the homing feature to guide the bomb into its target to cause some serious damage.

Star Fox: Assault

Battle Modes

In Star Fox Assault, there are as many as eight different Battle Modes:

  • Main Rules is the normal set of rules. There are no restrictions depending on the settings, and all weapons, vehicles, and stages are available.
  • Sniper Showdown is a pilots-only mode that disables all use of regular weapons other than Sniper Launcher, but the weapon has unlimited ammunition.
  • Homing Launcher Clash is a pilots-only mode that disables all use of regular weapons other than Homing Launchers, but the weapon has unlimited ammunition. Homing Launchers, once launched, chase at their target(s) at a decent speed and rate, and travel until the target is hit, or if the launcher has been interrupted.
  • Missile Launcher Bout is a pilots-only mode that disables all use of regular weapons other than Missile Launchers, but provides unlimited ammunition for them.
  • Booster Packs Brawl is simliar to Main Rules, except that it is a pilots-only mode, and all players start the match wearing Booster Packs. Booster Packs allow hovering in midair, and the height depends on the characters stats. All weapons are available in this mode.
  • Booster Packs Launcher Tilt is a combination of the Homing Launcher Clash and Booster Packs Brawl modes. It is a pilots-only mode that utilizes Booster Packs and disables use of weapons other than Homing Launchers, but provides unlimited ammunition for them.
  • Sure-Shot Scuffle is a mode that functions similarly to Main Rules, but instead all weapons deliver one-hit knock-outs. There are no restrictions depending on the settings, and all weapons, vehicles, and stages are available.
  • Crown Capture is a mode that also functions similarly to Main Rules. The objective is to take the crown from your opponent, and keep it until time runs out. If you are defeated, your opponent gains the crown. Time decreases every time a player holding the Crown is defeated. The maximum time starts at 2:00 minutes, at the beginning of the battle, and the minimum is 0:15 seconds.


In Star Fox: Assault, there are six playable characters, four of them are available by default.


In Star Fox Assault, there are sixteen playable stages, most of which are locked. All vehicles are available on a stage(s) unless otherwise stated. Stages listed in bold need to be unlocked.


The following unlockables can be obtained by meeting the required conditions listed.

  • Katina Outpost: Complete the Katina: Frontier Base Mission.
  • Inner Sargasso Hideout: Complete the Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited Mission.
  • Outer Sargasso Hideout: Complete the Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited Mission.
  • Fichina: Complete the Fichina: Into the Storm Mission.
  • Planet Sauria: Complete the Sauria: Reunion Mission.
  • Corneria: Complete the Corneria: War Comes Home Mission.
  • Orbital Gate: Complete the Orbital Gate: Incoming Mission.
  • Aparoid City: Complete the Aparoid Homeworld: Breaching the Defenses Mission.
  • Specials On/Off Play 5 Versus Mode matches.
  • Missile Launcher: Play 5 Versus Mode matches.
  • Missile Launcher Bout: Play 10 Versus Mode matches.
  • Peppy Hare: Play 15 Versus Mode matches.
  • Gatling Gun: Play 20 Versus Mode matches.
  • Crown Capture: Play 30 Versus Mode matches.
  • Titania: Play 40 Versus Mode matches
  • Sure-Shot Scuffle: Play 50 Versus Mode matches.
  • Simple Map 4: Play 60 Versus Mode matches.
  • Fireburst Pod: Play 75 Versus Mode matches.
  • Booster Pack: Play 90 Versus Mode matches.
  • Booster Packs Brawl: Play 110 Versus Mode matches.
  • Zoness Sea Base: Play 130 Versus Mode matches.
  • Wolfen: Play 150 Versus matches.
  • Predator Rocket: Play 170 Versus Mode matches.
  • Cluster Bomb: Play 200 Versus Mode matches
  • Wolf O'Donnell: Collect all Ally Medals in Mission Mode.

Star Fox Command

In Star Fox Command, Versus Mode is much more simplistic than any other, only Fox and the Arwing is used


Players must destroy others and when a player is destroyed destroyed it leaves behind a star which others collect to increase their score .

Power ups

  • Twin laser upgrade:Equips player with twin lasers.
  • Plasma laser upgrade:Equips player with plasma lasers.
  • Time bomb:Gives players a modified smart bomb, when dropped it leaves a five second countdown visible to others,at its end it explodes.
  • Supply ring:Health.
  • Stealth:Makes players invisible on screen and radar.


Stages are randomly selected,all are in single player.

City: City with buildings.Buildings are intangible but cause damage if flown through.

Mountains: A green landscape with canyons and rivers.

Ocean: A flat arena above water,very simple.

Space: A space like arena.

Fichina Mountains: Snowy mountains on the planet Fichina.


Star Fox: Assault