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Predator Rocket

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Predator Rocket
Capacity: 3 pods
Type: Set
Color: White
Aura: Blue

Predator Rockets are a special kind of weapon in Star Fox Assault. Their use is restricted to Versus Mode only and can be unlocked by playing 170 Versus Mode matches. It is the only weapon to only affect vehicles.


The pods only affect the Arwing and Wolfen. They appear on the field with a bright blue ring glowing around them. Like the Sensor Bomb, they must be set on the ground. When set, the pods release a bright red laser into the sky that only detects vehicular movement. Once the pods detect movement, they viciously chase the targeted vehicle and have an unlimited homing range. Once the pods begin homing a target, the only way the pods can be destroyed aside from hitting their target is if they are destroyed by a weapon from the vehicle being chased or if the person being chased ejects from the vehicle. Only three may be set by a player at any given time; if the same player who has already set pods attempts to set more than three, all of the pods explode.


Avoid setting in places where they can easily be destroyed by other players or in locations where they may misfire and explode.

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