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Fireburst Pod

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Fireburst Pod
Capacity: 1 pack
Type: Set
Color: Grey, Orange, Yellow
Aura: Orange

The Fireburst Pod is a useful weapon in Star Fox: Assault. It is unlocked by playing 75 VS. mode matches.


The pod appears on the field as a canister with an orange ring glowing around it. Like the Sensor Bomb, the pod must be set on the ground. After several seconds, it will position itself and launch flares of Grenades high into the air easily seen by Arwing pilots. The grenades spread out in a wide radius, leaving multicolored streams of (possibly) smoke trailing them. If there is a low ceiling, the grenades will bounce off and sit on the ground for a moment before detonating. If the pod is shot before it can launch, it will instead scatter its grenades on the ground around it. It can even be set on a moving Arwing, providing not only a great elevation boost, but a moving platform to send it away towards the target. Of course, it slides off if the plane banks. Fireburst pods are exceedingly effective on all characters and vehicles, often destroying them in a single hit.


  • Barriers do not protect characters from damage dealt by the Fireburst Pod's grenades.
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