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Katina Outpost

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Katina Outpost, the place where Fox McCloud first encounters the Aparoids on foot in the second mission of Star Fox: Assault's Story Mode, is the setting for this multiplayer map where battles take place between the characters of Star Fox.


Katina Outpost is a wall-encompassed building with two bridges leading to a central tower with two more prongs that point towards the northern and southern ends of the base.

Ways to the upper floor

-Jet pack


-Inner ramps

-Outer ramps

-Along edge of main gate

-Corner wall hubs

-Near where the spherical gas containers were, there are parts of the wall that Fox and others can jump to and then to the wall

Differences from Story Mode

-All blast doors are opened with the exception of the cargo storage rooms on the northern and southern ends of the base.

-Weapon spawn points differ.

-No explosive crates or any of the large spherical gas containers.


Get to a vehicle as soon as possible. The elevator is not quite as helpful as one may think, for it is quite slow, you can be trapped in the bottom tunnel, and there isn't enough cover to exit safely at the top. There is also no way to get out of it once you are inside it. Find cover and wait for a vehicle. Since it exceptionally hard to make it to the upper level as a Pilot, some vehicle spawn points are more hurtful than helpful.