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Aparoid Homeworld

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Aparoid Homeworld
Aparoid Homeworld HQ Assault.png
The Aparoid Homeworld in Star Fox: Assault.
Stage type Planet
Games Star Fox: Assault
No music provided
Star Fox: Assault info
Bronze Medal 500 (mission 9), 250 (mission 10)
Silver Medal 1400 (mission 9), 700 (mission 10)
Gold Medal 2500 (mission 9), 1500 (mission 10)
Navigation info
<-- Beltino Orbital Gate Route None -->
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The Aparoid Homeworld is an unnamed planet located far outside the Lylat System. This planet is the site of the final battle of Star Fox: Assault.


The planet is the home of the Aparoids. It is filled with tunnels, one of which leads to the chamber of the Aparoid Queen. There is a shield covering the entrance to the Queen's tunnel. There is a large floating isle over the main tunnel referred to as the Aparoid City in Star Fox: Assault multiplayer.


Invading the Homeworld

The Aparoid Homeworld was mentioned several times throughout the Aparoids' invasion of Lylat. The Star Fox team sought a device called a Core Memory found in large Aparoids to locate the homeworld. They sent the research director, Beltino Toad, a Core Memory, who found that the Aparoid Homeworld was so far away, the Cornerian Defense Force required a warp gate to reach it. Upon reaching the Aparoid Homeworld, Peppy Hare, the leader of the invasion, sent Star Fox members Fox McCloud and Krystal to the Aparoid City, a floating island over the main tunnel, to bring down the shield. Falco Lombardi and Slippy Toad took to the air above the Aparoid City to keep Fox and Krystal from being overwhelmed. Fox and Krystal managed to destroy all the shield generators and returned to their Arwings.

Even though the shield was destroyed, another shield made of pure energy appeared that deflected any of Falco's attack. Peppy and ROB 64 in the Great Fox told the the team to get out of the way. The Great Fox had taken critical damage and Peppy flew it into the energy shield, destroying the ship. The team flew past the ruined Great Fox and into the main tunnel. The Star Fox team soon encountered the Star Wolf team, who had followed Star Fox through the warp gate. The two mercenary teams flew through the main tunnel, destroying the Aparoids that were blocking their path. Shortly before entering the Queen's chamber, nigh indestructible Aparoids appeared to defend the Queen and Star Wolf distracted them to allow Star Fox to attack the Queen. The Aparoid Queen attempted to decieve Star Fox by using the voices of those she possessed, but she failed and Fox managed to shoot Beltino's self-destruct program into the Queen. The Queen began to supress the program and tried to escape, but she was caught by the Star Fox team and eliminated by Fox McCloud. As the Star Fox team escaped, the Aparoid Homeworld collapsed and eventually exploded due to it and the Queen begin one and the destruction of all Aparoid cells.



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