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Aparoid Queen

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Aparoid Queen
Aparoid Queen.png
The Queen in the final stage of Star Fox Assault.
Home Planet Aparoid Homeworld
Role Leader of all Aparoid forces
Premiere game Star Fox Assault
Affiliations Aparoid
Race Aparoid
Teams Aparoid
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"Give in. This is not sacrifice. It is evolution."
— Aparoid Queen (with Peppy Hare's voice), Star Fox: Assault

The Aparoid Queen, referred to colloquially as "The Queen" is the main antagonist from Star Fox: Assault. During the Aparoid Invasion, she sent thousands of Aparoid forces to assimilate any and all technology and life in the Lylat System.


Early Life

The early history of the Aparoid Queen remains unknown, however, she is suggested to have been alive since 8 BLW, since she had sent a single Aparoid that had managed to destroy an entire Cornerian fleet.

Aparoid Invasion

In 9 ALW, during a conflict over Fortuna between Cornerian forces and the Venomian Remnant, she sent a massive invasion force of Aparoids to quickly capitalize on the distraction of both major Lylat military powers. She quickly conquered and assimilated many planets in the Lylat System, until the Cornerians, with the assistance of the Star Fox Team managed to free up most of the planets. While the team was busy on Sauria, she assembled a strike force to assimilate Corneria, which had almost succeeded if not for the actions of Star Fox. Once the Cornerians located the Aparoid Homeworld and were preparing to send a fleet, she had the remaining Aparoid forces act in a last-ditch effort to destroy the Beltino Orbital Gate. Eventually, after fighting off the remaining forces in the Lylat System, the Cornerians and Star Fox pushed through to the Aparoid Homeworld, destroying its defenses. However, the fleet took heavy losses, and was unable to launch a direct assault on the planet. The Star Fox team was sent in as a strike force to quickly neutralize the Queen using a self-destruct virus. With the assistance of Star Wolf, they managed to break into the inner layers of the planet's surface, and the Star Fox team encountered the Queen. The Queen attempted to discourage Star Fox, using the voices of those assimilated into the Aparoids, but the team pushed onwards. After a quick skirmish, Fox McCloud launched the virus into the Queen's core, hoping she would destroy herself, taking the Aparoids with her. However, the Queen had quickly escaped to start producing an antibody, only to get chased and subsequently destroyed, along with the rest of the Aparoids, by the Star Fox team.

Other appearances

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  • Falco Lombardi erroneously referred to the Queen as a "he" during the final battle in Star Fox Assault.
  • The Queen seems to be heavily based on characters such as the Borg Queen from Star Trek.


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