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Beltino Toad

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Beltino Toad
Beltino Toad Assault art.jpg
Beltino as he appears in Star Fox: Assault.
Role Researcher for the Cornerian Defense Force
Director of Engineering at Space Dynamics Co. Ltd (formerly)
Premiere game Star Fox: Assault
Affiliations Cornerian Defense Force, Star Fox team
Family Slippy Toad (son)
Amanda (daughter-in-law)
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Beltino Toad is the father to Slippy Toad and a researcher for the Cornerian Defense Force. At one point, he was an engineering director at the Space Dynamics Co. before coming into his current job with the Cornerian Army. While working at Space Dynamics, he created the Arwing and Landmaster which were later modified by Slippy for the Star Fox team. His main research base is the Beltino Orbital Gate. He is voiced by Scott Burns.


Early history

Beltino Toad was originally the Director of Engineering at Space Dynamics Co. There, he developed the Arwing for the mercenary team led by James McCloud, and the Landmaster tank, an armored exploration vehicle. At the time, only one prototype of the Landmaster existed and it was later modified by Beltino's son Slippy for use by the Star Fox team. Beltino also had a hand in the designing of the Star Fox mothership, the Great Fox.


Beltino Toad informing Fox of the Aparoid menace.

Beltino was hired by the Cornerian Defense Force as the research director sometime after the Lylat War, something he had forgotten to tell Slippy. It was he that informed Fox about the true power of the Aparoid forces. Beltino suggested that Fox keep his eyes peeled for another Core Memory, due to the damage of the one he had obtained previously. He later found that the Core Memories contained the coordinates of the Aparoid Homeworld and sent a message to the Star Fox team about it.

When he was finally sent a Core Memory, Beltino managed to find the location of the homeworld as well as the Aparoids' susceptibility to apoptosis. He used this knowledge to construct a program for the Star Fox team to use on the Aparoid Queen to cause all Aparoids to self-destruct. The program took a lengthy time to finish and his base of research was attacked by Aparoid missiles. After the Star Fox and Star Wolf teams had destroyed the missiles, Beltino quickly finished the program. Beltino had seemingly inherited local command after the infection of General Pepper and ordered the operation of the transfer gate which was used by the Cornerian Defense Force, Star Fox, and Star Wolf groups to get to the Aparoid Homeworld.

Missile Threat

This story occurs if Fox and Slippy go to the Asteroid Belt from either Fichina or Corneria.

During the Anglar invasion two years later, Beltino managed to contact Fox and Slippy on their way through the Asteroid Belt to ask them for help with an Anglar attack on his base. When the team defeated the Anglar and got to the base, he told them that the Anglar had their base on the bottom of the Venom Sea. He also told them that Andross had created a weapon to control local life forms on Titania before his death, though he did not know what the reason was for. When Slippy asked Fox if he was going to ask Krystal for help, Beltino suggested that Fox go to her. He and Slippy then upgraded Fox's Arwing with a Multi-lock before saying goodbye.

Game Appearances



  • Although Beltino Toad's official debut was in Star Fox: Assault, he was originally referenced in the Star Fox 64 Official Player's Guide and the Star Fox 64 Official Website.[1][Better reference needed]


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