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Panther Caroso

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"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Panther, and all who see my rose meet death!"
— Panther Caroso, Star Fox: Assault

Panther Caroso
Panther as he appears in Star Fox: Assault.
Home planet Unknown
Role Member of Star Wolf
Premiere game Star Fox: Assault
Affiliations Star Wolf
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Panther Caroso is a member of the criminal mercenary group Star Wolf, led by Wolf O'Donnell. As his name suggests, he is a black panther. Panther is a skilled pilot but well known for being easily distracted by attractive females, including Star Fox pilot, Krystal. This trait causes slight embarrassment for his team members and, in Star Fox: Assault and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Panther often gets into quarrels with Falco Lombardi due to their clashing personalities. Panther's symbol is a red rose.



Spoiler warning: The following contains key plot or ending details.

Panther's early history is entirely unknown. The earliest known reference to him was that he joined the Star Wolf team shortly after Oikonny left and Pigma Dengar was kicked out.

First Conflict with Star Fox

Panther's first appearance in the Star Fox series.

Panther's first encounter with Star Fox took place at the Sargasso Space Hideout. There, Panther introduced himself to the team before attacking Fox. After his defeat, Panther began flirting with Krystal. This attracted the attention of Falco and sparked a rivalry between the two. Panther then told Krystal that Pigma was likely on Fichina.[1] The remains of Panther's Wolfen were found by the Star Fox team in the Asteroid Belt, though Krystal's power told her that Star Wolf was still alive somewhere.

Panther and the rest of the Star Wolf team came to the aid of Star Fox during the Aparoid invasion of Corneria. He joked around during the invasion noting that his favorite restaurant had been destroyed and that Fox was like Wolf's surrogate gun. Panther also comforted Krystal when they were attacked by the infected General Pepper.

Panther during the finale of Star Fox: Assault.

Later, Panther followed the Star Fox team and helped them destroy the Aparoid missiles attacking the Beltino Orbital Gate. Star Wolf later came to assist Star Fox while in the tunnel to the Aparoid Queen. Panther flirted with Krystal and later distracted the Aparoids defending the queen so that Star Fox could get through.

Panther's Reward

A wanted poster depicting the Star Wolf team.

Panther and the Star Wolf team continued to work as a criminal organization and the Cornerian government was forced to put a bounty on their heads. The team soon decided that they were tired of the criminal label and fought the Anglar empire to try to get cure themselves of their criminal stereotype. Panther also got a lucky break when Fox, worried for Krystal, forced her off the Star Fox team. She joined up with Star Wolf and got together with Panther shortly after. Panther had revamped his Wolfen and named it the Black Rose. Its Zapper was incredibly powerful and could destroy most enemies in a single blast[2].

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Fog of War

This story occurs if Fox and Slippy go to Fichina to rescue Lucy Hare.

Panther appeared with Wolf and Leon on Fichina. He attacked Fox and Slippy when he thought that they were looking to collect the bounty. Star Wolf once again was defeated by Fox and Slippy.

Former Rivals

This story occurs if Fox goes to Fichina to hire Wolf.

In similar scenario, Panther encountered Fox on Fichina once more. After his defeat, Panther tried to pass off his loss as mere chance, but Wolf told him off. When Wolf and Fox were on Solar, Wolf brought up the idea of bring in Panther and Leon and hen told Fox about Panther and Krystal.


This story is seen if ROB 64 goes with Fox to apologize to Krystal.

When Fox went to Katina to apologize to Krystal, Panther appeared so that he could taunt Fox over his new girlfriend. Fox, Krystal, Panther, and Leon fought the Anglar in their sector. Panther told his "darling space rose" to be careful to which Krystal seemed annoyed. When Fox broke down and completely apologized to Krystal, Panther taunted him and told Krystal to come with him.[3]

The Anglar Emperor

This story occurs if ROB goes to Aquas with Fox and Slippy after fighting Oikonny.

After destroying the Anglar base on Venom, Panther was forced to separate from his team, but quickly made contact with Leon and Wolf. He did not see Krystal again until she had rejoined Star Fox and defeated the Anglar Emperor. He told her that he forgave her for using him, but that he also thought that he had left and impression on Krystal and that she would come back eventually. He was right and months later, Krystal left Fox for the Star Wolf team. It is unknown if she got back together with Panther.

Star Wolf Returns

This story occurs if Wolf betrays Fox on Titania, or if Krystal does not accept Fox's apology on Katina.

Panther and the team become heroes.

Panther flew to Venom with Krystal and Leon after leaving Katina. There he met up with Wolf and used a mechanism to dilute the Venom Sea, allowing them to fight the Anglar without worry for their ships. He helped defeat the Anglar Emperor and basked in the comfort of being able to walk through cities with their heads held high.

The Curse of Pigma

This story occurs if ROB follows Fox and Falco after being betrayed by Wolf.

Panther's only role in this storyline is to introduce Krystal as a new member of Star Wolf.

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Super Smash Bros. series

While Panther has never appeared as a playable fighter in the Super Smash Bros. games, he appears on the Lylat Cruise stage in several scenes involving the Star Fox characters. Fox, Falco, and Wolf can each activate their communications devices to open a conversation between several characters, one of which is Panther. During these scenes, Panther is often seen trying to woo Krystal, or insulting Falco. Panther also has a trophy based on his appearance in Star Fox: Assault and two stickers based on concept art from Star Fox: Assault and Star Fox Command.

Trophy descriptions

Trophy information
Game Description Obtain
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Panther Caroso Trophy Brawl.png
The newest member of the Star Wolf team, rivals of Team Star Fox. A show-off who often embarrasses his teammates, he considers himself quite the ladies' cat and can hardly contain himself from making passes at attractive females, including Krystal, who he's clearly smitten with. Panther's trademark is a red rose. All things said, he's still a highly skilled pilot.

GCN Star Fox: Assault
DS Star Fox Command
Random drop
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
NTSC-U: This Star Wolf pilot's flying skills are as stunning as you'd expect, but the cheesy lines are what you'll really remember. He's constantly flirting with woman, and the rose he holds adds an extra touch of swagger. His feelings for Krystal seem genuine, but who knows where that will lead.

PAL: This Star Wolf pilot's flying skills are as stunning as you'd expect, but the cheesy lines he sprouts are what will really leave you reeling. He's constantly flirting with women, and the rose he holds adds an extra touch of self-important swagger. His feelings for Krystal do seem genuine, but who knows if it'll ever amount to anything?

GCN Star Fox: Assualt (2/2005)
DS Star Fox: Command (8/2006)
Random drop

Canon warning: Ambiguously canon content ends here.

Game appearances

Voice actors

  • David Scully in Star Fox: Assault
  • Dex Manley in Super Smash Bros. Brawl




  1. How can I resist this beauty? I believe the com records will point you toward Fichina. - Panther Caroso, Star Fox: Assault
  2. http://f.starfox-online.net/archives/starfox.com/command/
  3. This is absurd! Krystal, tell this loser where to stuff his Arwing and let's go! - Panther Caroso, Star Fox Command

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