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Andrew Oikonny

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Andrew Oikonny
Andrew Oikonny Assault art.jpg
Andrew as he appears in Star Fox: Assault
Home planet Unknown
Role Pilot of Star Wolf (formerly),
Leader of the Venomian Army (formerly)
Premiere game Star Fox 64
Affiliations Venomian Army (formerly), Star Wolf (formerly), the Anglarian Army (formerly)
Family Andross (uncle)
Dash Bowman (cousin)
On other wikis
"I am the one and only true heir to the great emperor Andross. The new emperor, Andrew Oikonny."
— Andrew Oikonny, Star Fox: Assault

Andrew Oikonny is the nephew of the evil Andross and his heir to the Venom empire. Oikonny was a member of the original Star Wolf team during the Lylat Wars, confronting Star Fox multiple times to stop them from thwarting his uncle's plans. After his uncle's death, he took control of his army, building a huge machine to fight the Star Fox team (Which was destroyed by an Aparoid). At this point in time, he started being referred to as Oikonny rather than Andrew. He later became an ally of the Anglar during their invasion of Lylat, while piloting the Death Crab only to be foiled by Fox and company again.


Andrew slightly resembles a white monkey, with pink skin. In Star Fox 64, he wore a small visor during the Battle of Venom, most likely because his eyes were injured after being defeated at the Battle of Fichina. In Star Fox Assault, he wears a Commanding attire, with shoulder pads, gloves, and some red shoes.


Andrew's position in Star Wolf replaced that of the character Algy, a character who was in Star Wolf in Star Fox 2. The fan translation of the prototype erroneously labeled Algy as "Andrew".


Spoiler warning: The following contains key plot or ending details.

Star Fox 64

Andrew and other Star Wolf members tailing the Star Fox team.

Andrew started off as member of Star Wolf, though the only reason he was on the team was for Andross to keep tabs on Wolf while he was in his employment. Andrew made his first appearance on Fichina when he and his fellow Star Wolf fighters attacked Star Fox. Their mission was to distract Star Fox while they tried to prevent the explosion of a Fichinian base. Andrew tailed Slippy Toad throughout the battle, but was quickly defeated by the team leader, Fox McCloud. If the Star Fox team traveled to the Bolse Defense Satellite, Andrew attacked the team. Andrew and the other members of Star Wolf were quickly dispatched once more by Star Fox.

If Star Fox made their way to Venom through Area 6 instead of Bolse, Andrew and Star Wolf would attack them at the gates of Andross's lair. Andrew now piloted one of the Wolfen II ships which gave even the Andrew, a fairly incompetent pilot, masterful dodging and targeting skills. Even still, he was defeated by Star Fox's pilots who would not see him again for another nine years.

Star Fox: Assault

Oikonny in his new ship taunting the Star Fox team.

After his uncle's death, Andrew declared himself the leader of the Venomian Army. After taking this role, he was simply referred to by his last name, Oikonny. Oikonny hassled the Cornerian Defense Force with attacks from his army. Nine years after the fall of Andross, the Cornerian army had wiped out all of Venom's army other than Oikonny's personal guard. Oikonny defended his final squadron with a group of stealth fighters. The Cornerian forces were forced to call in Star Fox. Oikonny fled to the surface of the planet Fortuna and made his way to his base. Here, he fought Star Fox in a ship designed to match Andross's appearance of a giant floating head and pair of hands. While Oikonny's ship was damaged by Star Fox, it wasn't destroyed until the arrival of the first Aparoid.

Star Fox Command

Oikonny contacting Fox McCloud.

This story occurs if Fox and Slippy decided to stay on Fichina to aid Lucy.

Oikonny had been contacted by the Anglar Emperor to assist the forces of the Anglar in taking over the Lylat System. Oikonny later said that the emperor had raved about his skills, but it is unknown whether this was true or if the emperor was just using him. The ape was commanded to lead the Anglar forces on Fichina and himself used one of the fiercest Anglar weapons, the Death Crab. He was quickly defeated by Fox, Slippy, and Lucy Hare who had found that he was controlling the Anglar in the area. Oikonny survived the ordeal, but what happened to him after the fall of the Anglar is unknown.

Spoiler warning: Spoilers end here.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Andrew makes no appearance in Brawl. However, he has a sticker based on his Assault design.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Like in Brawl, Andrew makes no significant appearance. However, he has a trophy in both versions of the game.

Trophy description
Trophy information
Game Description Obtain

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
NTSC-U: A former member of mercenary Wolf O'Donnell's commando unit, Star Wolf. As Andross's nephew, he's not shy about throwing his weight around despite being an inexperienced pilot. This chilled his relationship with the rest of the team, and eventually they gave him the boot.

PAL: A former member of mercenary Wolf O'Donnell's commando unit, Star Wolf. He's Andross's nephew, and because of that he likes to throw his weight around, despite being an inexperienced pilot. This made for frosty relations with the rest of the team, and they ultimately kicked him out.
N64 Star Fox 64 (7/1997)
GCN Star Fox: Assault (2/2005)
Random drop


Voice Actors

  • Bill Johns in Star Fox 64
  • John Hugill in Star Fox: Assault



  • "UNCLE ANDROSS!"Star Fox 64
  • "What's this? An Andross wanna-be?" — Falco, Star Fox: Assault


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