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Wolfen II

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Wolfen II
Game(s) Star Fox 64
Affiliation Star Wolf
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"Let's see how you handle our new ships."
Leon Powalski

The Wolfen II was an upgraded Wolfen starfighter used by the Star Wolf team during the Lylat Wars. The Wolfen IIs were technologically advanced to the Star Fox team's Arwing starfighters in several areas: its G-Diffuser unit was greatly improved allowing a better shielding system, quicker recharge for performing loops, immelmans, boosts, and brakes, and supported an anti-Smart Bomb and anti-charge beam systems, effectively rendering Charged Lasers and Smart Bombs worthless against them. It upgraded its single lasers to twin lasers, making it effectively more powerful than the Wolfen. Also these fighters could barrel roll like the Arwings to deflect lasers, but only for a moment. The Arwing's only advantage was in its maneuverability with its ability to hold a tighter turn. In fact, the fighters were so advanced and elaborate that the pilots who controlled it required special targeting gear and life support equipment to handle the speed and maneuverability of the fighter. The Wolfen IIs were used in the defense of Andross' palace during the Battle of Venom, but despite their technological superiority and advances, Star Wolf was defeated and shot down by Star Fox in the end. In Star Fox 64, you can only encounter these ships if you went to Venom from Area 6. It was manufactured by Venom

It seems that after the Lylat Wars, the Star Wolf team abandoned this particular model in favor of their previous ships.