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Lylat Wars

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This article is about The war between Andross and the forces of Corneria. For the game known as Lylat Wars in PAL regions, see Star Fox 64.

The Lylat Wars was a catastrophic, yet short war started when Andross and the Venomian Army attacked the Lylat System in hopes of taking control of it, especially Corneria. It took place in both Star Fox and Star Fox 64, taking place more five years after Andross was exiled to Venom by General Pepper of the Cornerian Army.


Corneria, a peaceful planet that stood as the source of the most government in the system at the time, had a small amount of military forces in space (as it had no need for them at that time).They had once employed a great scientist by the name of Andross. Although he was a genius, he was corrupted by his research and his lust for power, threatening the very existence of life on Corneria itself. General Pepper of the Cornerian Army repeatedly ordered Andross to stop testing his dangerous experiments, but Andross refused to do so. One of his particular experiments resulted in a devastating explosion within Corneria City, causing many casualties. General Pepper, furious by Andross's disobedience, exiled the maniacal scientist to the barren, deserted planet: Venom (which he seemed to have a fascination with). It was expected by many he would not survive living on this desolate planet. In truth, however, Venom's atmosphere was able to allow Andross, the native humanoid lizards, and other life forms to survive. Andross, full of hatred, sought revenge on the Lylat System. In this insane desire, he experimented on himself and organized a powerful army of his very own. Five years passed, and General Pepper noticed strange activity coming from Venom. He recruited a mercenary squad by the title of Star Fox, which included the great pilot James McCloud. Together with two other teammates, Peppy Hare and Pigma Dengar, they traveled to Venom in hopes of discovering what exactly was the cause of the suspicions activity. When they arrived, Pigma betrayed the team and left James and Peppy to be captured. James was said to be killed and Peppy barely managed to escape. Reaching Corneria, he informed General Pepper of what happened on Venom and told James' son, Fox McCloud, of his father's fate.

A few years had passed, and Andross, having gone insane from his time on Venom, declared war on the Lylat system, hoping to annihilate everything in his path and create a new empire under his name. His army goes by the title of Venomians.

Course of the Lylat Wars

The Lylat Wars began, and Andross was near successful in turning the entire Lylat system into a wasteland of near extinction. The powerful Venomian Army disposed of any rebellion and crushed Andross's opponents with massive force. The Cornerian Army, although making a heroic effort, proved no match for the unexpected attacking force, and was caught completely unprepared for the invasion from Venom. Thus, the Venom forces were able to constantly gain ground until a fleet eventually broke through into Corneria itself, wreaking havoc on the cites of the planet. Tearing past General Pepper's forces, the Venomian Army destroyed countless lives in Corneria City.

General Pepper, left with few places to go, contacted a new Star Fox team, led by James' son, Fox McCloud, to fight against Andross in a last ditch attempt to hold off the opposing forces of Venom. They were indeed the last hope to save the Lylat system from utter destruction. For almost the entire war, the Star Fox team used their custom-made Arwings, the most advanced ships of the time. Their technology construction had taken most of the Cornerian Army's remaining resources to complete. After completing construction on the advanced fighters, the Star Fox team was dispatched immediately on their first mission to save the city of Corneria. The team consisted of leader Fox McCloud, the old but courageous Peppy Hare, mechanic Slippy Toad, and ace pilot Falco Lombardi. Together they traveled through the Lylat system breaking through Andross's forces with the help of the Cornerian Army, until only the cruel dictator himself was left to be disposed of.

Battle on Corneria

Corneria City had been plagued by the Venomian military. The Star Fox team was contacted immediately to dispose of these fiends within the planet. Vanguard forces had breached Corneria's defenses, but they were no match for the Star Fox team. After their source of units, the Attack Carrier, was vanquished by the heroic mercenaries, Corneria was saved from further destruction.

Near the planet was an Asteroid Belt known as Meteo, which was the sight of a major battle between the Star Fox team and Venomian Army. Andross made use of the Meteo Crusher to clear a path through the asteroids for his invasion force to reach Corneria. Fox and his team were able to destroy the opposing vessel before it could finish creating a route through which Andross's forces could invade. Fox also discovered a naturally-occurring Warp Portal that allowed instant travel to Katina.

Battle in Sector Y

The main Cornerian battle fleet engaged in a desperate melee with Venomian forces at Sector Y. At first, things seemed to be going well, but then Andross's inventions, the Shogun Warriors, were employed en mass to a devastating effect. Highly maneuverable, protected by thick physical shields and wielding laser pistols, the Shogun Warriors, supported by Dorisby and Grazan capital ships, threatened to overwhelm the Cornerian fleet.

The timely arrival of the Star Fox team saved the fleet from defeat. Plowing through the enemy fleet, the team confronted the flagship Saruzin, which was protected by two Shogun Warriors, and the Shogun itself. Star Fox succeeded in destroying the formidable mechs, breaking the back of the attacking fleet and saving the Cornerian survivors.

Battle in Katina

This planet came under intense attack by the Venomian Army when the Star Fox team came to the Cornerian Army's (particularly the Husky and Bulldog units led by Bill Grey) aid. Leading the counter-charge against the Invader II Fighters swarming above the Cornerian Army's military base, Fox McCloud and his team succeeded in relieving the beleaguered squadrons. Attempts to confuse Star Fox by painting the Invader IIs the same colors as the Cornerian Fighters proved fruitless as the Arwings' technologically advanced Targeting Computers were able to tell friend from foe, and the first wave of fighters was destroyed.

When the main assault craft Saucerer arrived, it released hundreds of fighters in a final attempt to overwhelm the defenders and began charging its Core Weapon. Despite overwhelming numbers, Star Fox was able to plow through the swarms of enemy craft and target the exposed energy generator with the help of Husky and Bulldog units, destroying the mothership and ending that invasion of Katina.

Battle in Fichina

A small Cornerian base was set up on this cold planet, and was quickly captured at the onset of Andross's invasion. General Pepper ordered the Star Fox team to recapture the base and prevent its classified information from falling into Andross's hands. The Venomian garrison, piloting Invader I Fighters, were easily outclassed by the Star Fox team and their Arwing star fighters.

Only the arrival of Star Wolf in their Wolfen fighters gave the Venomians time to activate the base's self-destruction mechanism; if they could not have the base, no one would. Despite a fierce air battle, the Star Fox team was victorious and succeeded in stopping the device in time to save the base from destruction.

Battle in Sector X

Cornerian spies reported that Andross created a secret research facility in Sector X, but all contact with them was lost. Remote scanning revealed the existence of a debris field, but unable to conclude what had happened. General Pepper ordered the Star Fox team to investigate without delay.

They discovered that the base had been destroyed by Spyborg, whose artificial intelligence had malfunctioned and caused it to attack the base. Fighting through the fighters and defense systems still active after Spyborg's attack, Fox McCloud succeeded in reaching the giant construct and destroying it before its rampage could continue elsewhere. The team also discovered the existence of an artificial Warp Portal generator, which allowed instantaneous travel to Sector Z.

Battle in Titania

Scout forces sent by Andross investigated the planet and discovered one of the Goras. The mad scientist, through the bio-mechanical experimentation he was so good at, altered the creature and turned it into a fearsome warrior. The Star Fox team, with Fox using the advanced Landmaster, battled through Venomian forces on the planet in search for Slippy, who had crash-landed and was captured by Goras. The team was successful in rescuing Slippy and destroying the Goras, ending the mutated creature's existence.

Battle on Solar

General Pepper sent the Star Fox team to explore this star when a number of Venomian scout ships were detected approaching and leaving. What they discovered were biological monsters, the result of Andross's genetic experimentation, which not only lived but thrived in the extremely hot environment.

The team battled through this hellish environment, receiving help from Bill. Eventually they were forced to confront Vulcain, the most deadly of Andross's star-spawn bio-weapons. Dodging its attacks, Star Fox was able to destroy the beast and put an end to Andross's biological terror.

Battle in Aquas

The first reports indicated large amounts of pollution was being spread by Andross on this planet, which was completely covered in water. The Star Fox team was sent to investigate using a machine built by Slippy called the Blue Marine. With it, Fox was able to track down and eliminate a powerful creature known as the Bacoon, the being responsible for causing the planet's former inhabitants to leave. After doing so, the world became free of its malicious influence.

Battle in Zoness

Rather than taking the Andross's defenses on this once striving planet head-on, the Star Fox team attempted to sneak in quietly passed the now heavily polluted place. A series of radar buoys protected the main supply areas, scanning the heavens with powerful flood lamps, and formed an extensive early warning network. The team was able to destroy the buoys, with some surprise assistance from Katt Monroe, before they could alert the system and proceed to lay waste to the infrastructure.

In the final moments of the attack, Fox confronted the Sarumarine, which was the main source of the planet-wide pollution. In a hard-fought battle Fox destroyed the poisonous submarine and put an end to the origin of the toxic waste, but the planet itself would be a long time in recovery.

Battle in Sector Z

It was while attempting to navigate through these debris fields that the Star Fox team came under attack by Andross' army. The ambush was sprung by the latest Invader III Fighters escorting a half-dozen Copperhead Missiles. Unable to protect itself, the Great Fox launched its fighters in a desperate bid to prevent the missiles from impacting and causing extensive damage. The Star Fox team, assisted by Katt, succeeded in driving off the attackers and destroying all six missiles before they could damage the Great Fox.

Battle in Macbeth

The Star Fox team attempted to liberate Macbeth and strike a crippling blow to the Venomian war industry. Fox, piloting the Landmaster, confronted a supply train protected by the biomechanical construct Mechbeth. Rather than destroying the machine itself, he was able to send the train it was attached to off-course towards the main supply depot. Unable to slow itself in time, the train crashed at high speeds into the depot, setting off stores of weapons and fuel containers in a dazzling explosion. With the loss of its main production and fueling facilities, Venom was now open to direct attack by the Star Fox team.

Battle on Bolse

Bolse came under attack by the Star Fox team as they headed the invasion of Venom. Fox McCloud and his team, aware of Bolse's weakness from stolen design documents, were able to destroy the six generator pylons and expose the core to attack. Not even the arrival of the Star Wolf team was able to prevent Star Fox from destroying the station and opening the way for Venom's invasion.

Battle in Area 6

In the closing moments of the war, the Star Fox team made a brazen attempt to force their way through Area 6 to attack Venom. Despite throwing everything at the Star Fox team, Venomian forces were unable to stop them. In a last bid to stop Star Fox they deployed the Gorgon, hoping it would destroy them for good. But not even the mighty battle station could stop the mercenaries, and as it exploded into tiny fragments Fox and his team powered through the debris field and entered Venom's atmosphere.

Battle in Venom

Battling through the planet's defenses, the Star Fox team led the invasion of Venom to the very doorstep of Andross' palace, but were immediately confronted by the Star Wolf team. Star Wolf piloted new Wolfen II starfighters, which were technically superior to the Arwing. However, superior piloting skills won the day against the onslaught, and Fox plunged deep into the heart of the planet to confront his father's killer,Andross.

In a titanic battle, Fox killed Andross, but with his dying breath the mad scientist unleashed a fiery nuclear explosion to consume them both. In that moment, Fox's father James suddenly appeared and showed Fox the path out of the base and certain destruction. As Fox made his escape, James disappeared, leaving a victorious son to wonder if he had really seen his father.


Although Andross's body was destroyed, his followers still stayed loyal to his campaign in taking over the Lylat system, but the Cornerian Army was now able to keep the weakened forces at bay. They slowly disappeared in the following years until Andross's nephew Andrew Oikonny, who had left the Star Wolf team soon after the war, led a rebellion against the Cornerian Army with the remaining forces of the Venomian Army. Enter the Star Fox team, who helped tear down the rebels and bring Oikonny to justice. The crazed ape led them into the planet of Fortuna, where in a losing battle against the Cornerian Army he revealed an Andross-like machine in a last line of defense against Star Fox, who had perused him to the surface of the planet. His movement was unsuccessful, however, as the invasion of the Aparoids became a larger threat, and destroyed Andrew's operation.

Although it wasn't known if the Venomian remnants were aware of Andross's survival, nonetheless the ex-emperor's disembodied spirit took refugee on Sauria and planned his revival, only to be destroyed once and for all by Fox. Alongside Andrew, the Anglar Empire, a by-product of Andross's creations, also survived the war. Unlike the other remnants led by Star Wolf and Andrew, their emperor led them to rebuild their forces in hiding for another war, only to be defeated by Star Fox. Many planets suffered during the war, and even twelve years afterwards the effects of the colossal battle were still present.