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Boss: Vulcain
Vulcain in Star Fox 64.
Name Vulcain
Game(s) Star Fox 64
Location Solar
Affiliation Andross
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Vulcain is a bioweapon created by Andross during the time of the Lylat Wars in Star Fox 64. Vulcain had the ability to alter its genetic structure by absorbing molecules from the surrounding environment. Vulcain was able to use this to survive the molten surface of the planet Solar.


Vulcain appeared shortly before the Star Fox team left Solar. Fox fought the bioweapon as it menaced the team. Vulcain struck out at Fox with its two scythe-like arms. It also had the ability to spit rocks at Fox, which Fox could shoot to release Supply Rings. After a certain point in the battle, Vulcain would begin to dive into the magma and Fox would have to maneuver his Arwing to avoid the magma. Fox managed to blast off Vulcain's two weak points, his arms, and Vulcain dived back into the magma. Vulcain reemerged with new, mutated arms, with its head as its new weakness. Fox attacked the head and destroyed Vulcain.

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