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Venomian Army

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Venomian Army
A grouping of three Venomian tripod fighters.
Home planet Venom
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The Venomian Army sometimes referred to as Androssians, was the army of the planet Venom which operated under the control of Andross. The army was destroyed by both the Cornerian Defense Force and Star Fox at the end of the Lylat Wars, although small groups of it remained at least up to the time of the Aparoid invasion. These groups were kept at bay during those times, being forced to stay on Fortuna as a last resort before the Aparoids invaded.

History and Tactics

The Venomian army was a disciplined and ruthless force that nearly succeeded in conquering the Lylat System numerous times. Formed in 3BLW, most invasions of a planet were planned operations broken down into three stages. The first stage was for Venomian forces to gain air superiority over the enemy, either through overwhelming numbers, superior technology, or both. The fact that most enemies, like the Cornerian Defense Force didn't suspect attacks of their magnitude helped in their goal immensely. The initial wave of starfighters would draw air defense units into meeting them head on, allowing a second wave of fighters to come in and overwhelm the preoccupied defenders. With the skies clear of enemies, the second stage began as bombardment craft proceeded to rain destruction on the now-defenseless ground units. With most ground forces destroyed, the third and final stage began with shock troops deployed to round up and enslave any survivors.

The invasion of Katina by the Venomian Army served as a textbook example of the above tactics, at least until the Star Fox team disrupted their plans and destroyed most of their forces.

After the Lylat Wars and the destruction of Andross, the Venomian Remnant was formed under Andrew Oikonny, the nephew of the former emperor. With the Macbeth Weapons Factory destroyed, the planet Fortuna was chosen as a suitable area to construct a new base of operations. Some time before the Aparoid Invasion and the events of Star Fox Assault, the Cornerians had discovered this base and had engaged their forces in orbit. Backed by the Star Fox team, the few ships they could muster were quickly decimated, and Andrew Oikonny fled to the planet, where his ship was subsequently destroyed by the team.

Star Fox

The Venomian army was mostly comprised of primates and lizards, under the influence of Emperor Andross. After Andross was banished to Venom for his crimes against Corneria, he found the planet was populated by a civilization of primitive lizards. The planet was rich in ancient technology along with extremely powerful weapons, which Andross used to build his army. While in exile, Andross also created the telekinetic amplifier, which he used to enslave a majority of the lizard race on Venom. Only a majority of the lizards joined him voluntarily, vowing undying loyalty to him. They were known as the Imperial Guard.

Star Fox 2

Heavily relying on Cannon Betrayers and IPBMs, the Venomian Army quickly conquered most of the Lylat System. The Venomian army also deployed very early bioweapons, such as the Mirage Dragon, seen destroying a fleet of Cornerian vessels in the opening credits.

Star Fox 64

In Star Fox 64 (a remake of Star Fox), the Venomian army once again attempts to conquer the Lylat System. In this game, Andross was exiled to planet Venom due to his experiments that nearly turned Corneria into a lifeless wasteland. During his exile on Venom, he managed to amass a very large army, also creating planetary defenses, such as the Bolse Defense Satellite, and Area 6. Many factories, armories, and munitions plants were also constructed to provide support for his forces. Once Andross's army was assembled, the Venomians quickly cut through Cornerian defenses, overwhelming them with heavy planetary and atmospheric assaults, before establishing control on the surface.

Star Fox: Assault

During the opening cutscene, ships of the Venomian Remnant and Cornerian vessels are seen exchanging fire at one another. The Venomian Remnant had produced an unknown classification of starship capable of taking on Cornerian Assault Frigates. However, the ships lacked in defenses, and were easily compromised during full-scale bombardment. Many were destroyed during this skirmish, even after the deployment of Andrew Oikonny's stealth squadrons. The Venomian Remnant had also constructed a munitions base on Fortuna, where Andrew Oikonny fled to after the Star Fox team arrived.

Star Fox Command

After the Aparoid Invasion, the Venomian Remnant was completely wiped out. In a possible ending of Star Fox Command, Dash Bowman, grandson of Andross, rebuilt the Venomian Empire, again requesting the aid of primate soldiers. It is unknown what has become of Lylat since Dash rebuilt the empire.



  • Bolse Defense Satellite - An enormous satellite in the space above Venom. Destroyed by the Star Fox team during the Lylat Wars.
  • Umbra-class Defense Station - A satellite developed by the Venomian Army. The Star Fox team only encountered these in the attack on Area 6.


  • Dorisby-class Battleship - A battleship that was impervious to starfighter level attacks. The Star Fox team managed to disarm it by destroying its laser turrets.
  • Grazan-class Carrier - A battleship with twin hulls used in the battle of Sector Y. Though Star Fox could not defeat the battleships, they easily managed to evade them.
  • Harlock-class Frigates - A ship used during the Lylat War known for its speed and power, though its defense was compromised for this. The Star Fox team managed to easily defeat these ships with the help of the Great Fox.
  • Oikonny's Flagship - The ship Andrew Oikonny commanded the remnants of the Venomian Army from. It was capable of transforming in a robot similar in design to Andross, though featuring Andrew's head rather than Andross. The Star Fox team fought this robot and wore it down, but were unable to defeat it. During on of Oikonny's monologues, the ship was destroyed by an Aparoid.
  • Saruzin -The flagship of the Venomian Army during the Lylat War. It was stationed in Sector Y where it released the Shogun and Shogun Warriors to attack the Star Fox team.
  • Saucerer - An invasion ship sent by Andross to destroy a Cornerian base on Katina. It featured a powerful beam cannon that took sixty seconds to charge. It also worked as a carrier ship for Invader II Fighters that it released during the invasion. It was destroyed by Fox McCloud.
  • Venomian Battlecruiser - A battleship used by Andrew Oikonny when cornered by the Cornerian Defense Force. Fox McCloud exploited one of the ships' weaknesses to split those he encountered in two.
    A Zeram-class cruiser departing from Venom.
  • Zeram-class Cruiser - The Venomian Army's most powerful capital ship. The Star Fox team only ever encountered them in the attack on Area 6. The team was able to defeat them using a design flaw in the ships shielding where the bridge of the ship was shielded less.

Utility Ships


  • Invader I Fighters - A starfighter stationed at a base on Fichina.
  • Invader II Fighters - A modified version of the Invader I. The Saucerer ship released these ships during its attack on Cornerian base on Katina.
  • Invader III Fighters - An enhanced version of the Invader II. Andross sent these ships to preoccupy the Star Fox team while a series of Copperhead missiles were launched at the Great Fox. Pilot Katt Monroe's ship, the Cat's Paw, was modified from an Invader III prototype.
  • Bolse Fighters - A starfighter designed to protect the Bolse Defense Satellite. It featured a personal shield which was generated by the satellite.
  • Borzoi Fighters - A starfighter created to defend the Sector X base.